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April is National Poetry Month.

As we approach resurrection day, I must admit, poetry has breathed new life into my writing. It allows me to hear differently…to listen to the song of the wind and rain, to breathe the voice of trees, to still at the silence that is not silence but becomes birdsong and brush rustle when soul is subdued.
I have always loved poetry. But my interest was rekindled at this season in my life by this lady, whom I call my poetry teacher. Such grace she gave my early efforts.

Tweetspeak poetry is celebrating too. Other poetry friends are here, here, and here.
Poke around their places and you’ll find beauty.
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A neat thing is happening in West Virginia to celebrate poetry and art.  Mountain Line Transit in Morgantown, beginning March 24th, decorated their bus interiors with the words and works of local poets and artists. To see some of the selections, visit here. I haven’t ridden a city bus for a while, but I may have to make a trip up to Morgantown for just such a treat.
And now, my offering:
Uncommon Currency
uncommon currency–
I rake my
knuckles across this
coarse exchange;
dip face into
no stones do
I hold
in my hand.
the looking-
glass was broken,
scaly eyes
earth shaken, when
you made
the transaction.
Cha-ching. you
have been
cheated; the scales
two-things, you
grace and
and I am on
my knees.
bought for a
price. that’s


  1. says

    You have given us such lovely poems. They often touch.

    That “Cha-ching” really brings one up straight in this poem. The scales need not move where love and grace reside.

    Thank you for the call-out, too, Laura.

    Blessings as we approach Sunday.

  2. says

    I especially like the end.

    You are one who’s easy to teach! (Because you consider yourself a learner.)

    Today, another blogging friend wrote his VERY FIRST poem. See how the new ones keep coming along? See how you who have gone before inspire?

    Happy Easter, poetess. 🙂

  3. says

    Laura your poem has set my mind spinning. I work in finance and the images of “economy”–consumption, investment, cost/benefit, etc. are taking on new meaning. We have turned so many beautiful things to mere commodity. I hope I haven’t done that with grace and love.
    Thank you. I’m richer from your words.

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