Sunday Sermon Notes

I Am the Resurrection and the Life
John 11:25-26

When they brought

the cross
in, I gulped
and wondered at
the ease; at
doubled over under
dense wood. And
when small fingers
clasped stems, tucked
them into wire…
death breathed
life and I sat
straight in my
pew. daughter of Jairus,
Lazarus, and Him—
knew first breath
two times.
she spoke of bats
and pea soup and said
resurrection can come only
from that which
is dead.
Tennyson, she said, called
it “passing the bar”,
and someone else,
“a dreamer’s sleep”…
but I do not fear
how dare I beg
God not to take one
into the joy
of the resurrected life?
How dare I, she said.

Rejoice for them.
Rejoice for them.

And I felt the truth
of those words.

two rows behind
me–the couple
who lost
to cancer
last year.
we begged
hope does not
disappoint, my husband
said. but I was just
looking for
on this Easter morning.

so i touched
on the shoulder as
we filed out.
and he knew.

photos: the flowering of the cross at church this morning.


  1. says

    I do not think God condemns us for the begging. He knows our dust. He understands that we are trapped in flesh, trapped in time. If He did not understand, why would He have raised some to life while He walked the earth?

    He understands our begging, feels our hurt, and promises resurrection and reunion to His own. He is all grace, every promise, hope fulfilled.

  2. says

    Beautiful reflection to offer up today, Laura!

    I’m with togetherforgood – He knows us. Every dusty part.

    Happy Easter — hope you’re enjoying the day!

  3. says

    i feel the tug between
    what we see here and now
    and what we do not yet see
    in the forever.

    i feel death and decay progress with my body every day, as well as the power of the promise of life within me.

    I can rejoice in the Lord, and that we have Life in Him.
    But, for those living, losing a loved one…it is plain and simply…hard loss.

    I have not seen a lost person come to God in a long time. I think that would be something, to see… the faces of some new believers.

    I can just imagine that if we could see the unseen, that there would be bright light shining out of them. Like bright lantern-bodies walking down an aisle.

  4. says

    I think it is the case with so many things that while they might be fully true, they bump up hard against where we really live. Perhaps some of the “already, not yet” tension that dogs me.

    So glad you saw that “not yet” part for your friend.

  5. says

    What a beautiful and tender post…

    Thank you for sharing with us my friend.

    Blessings to you and yours on this most precious day in our LORD.

  6. says

    First of all, I love the thought of this flowering cross. We don’t have this tradition at our church.

    Secondly, of course, your words (as usual) make me catch my breath again.

    God bless you for “seeing” people, and then responding with a touch.

  7. says

    I am always delighted when I see you have a post up – especially on sunday.
    Who knows that glorious hope better than Jesus, and yet He wept with Mary and Martha. I am so glad you reached out to him Laura. Of course you did.

  8. says

    Indeed, the beauty springs forth with such Life, reminding us that the nails and blood and grief are not the summation. Rather, that He blooms us into eternity. (love-laced post, as always)


  9. says

    lovely post, …. life can be so hard to bear. I think we cling so desperately to our loves for in them we find unconditional love and acceptance, we sacrifice for them, for their good .. it is the closest to Him we get here on earth. It is hard to let that go …. even unto Him

  10. says

    Beautiful post all the way through!

    He knows everything about us. Every.Single.Thing. We are His…created by Him and Him alone. Yes we are of flesh and there is always Hope in any situation for all that is impossible is made possible through Him. Faith, Hope, Love, Belief, Trust, Obedience, Prayer…It’s all about Him. That’s where we go with everything. We may not always get the answers to prayers that we go to Him for, but it all rests in His Will and it shall always be done.

    The touch of your hand on his shoulder I’m sure spoke volumes to him.

    Big Hugs my friend,

  11. says

    Sometimes we don’t get the answer we want, but with a tender touch we know we are not alone. And in the small moment God is there.

    Your words paint a beautiful picture of the struggle between our imperfect flesh and His perfect presence.

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