Sunday Sermon Notes

Low Sunday
John 20:19-31

under the porch she
went, hiding
from a whipping

she told the story
and my
boys smiled—imagining
pastor-girl tucked
away, safe
from switch and
lashing tongue.

but dread hid
with her
and she spoke
of disciples behind
locked doors, hiding

until he came.
put your hand in
my side, he said.
and everything

His peace changes
a most difficult
situation, she said. What
would happen if
you allowed Jesus
to slip into the
of it?

and he slipped
middle of it.

‘cause boys’ eyes
were glued and I was
grateful for a
good story, whipping
or no.


  1. says

    I’ve been looking forward to your Sermon Notes Laura.
    It is really neat the way she captures your imagination with a story. It makes the truth of scripture come to life.

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