The New House Guest

I thought I’d never fall in love again.

After Argus left us, I thought I should better guard my heart. Then I remember what I told Jeffrey about not letting fear keep us from loving.

And I thought we should try again.

Enter Toby. This overweight, pig-like dog who snorts and snores; who annoys Lucy Mae by snarfing all her food, who looks at me with woe-filled eyes and begs for love.

He misses his family.

And he needs us.

We’re looking for a forever home for this sweet buddy-boy. But in the meantime, he’s teaching us to love again.


  1. says

    Hope you find a “forever home” soon…getting attached and then having to let go can be hard.

    Sounds like your family already knows how to love anyway:)

  2. says

    When I saw the picture, my first thought was, “Guard your heart, Laura.” – remembering the last time.
    But before I even read your words I thought – no – a guarded heart cannot grow and will miss out on so much blessing.
    Enjoy this little guy Laura.

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