Lucky Clover: In Which He Held My Hand

He goes for a run but I stay behind and walk instead. We spent the afternoon wrapped up in each other…it’s our anniversary.

My skin tingles as I walk. It remembers.
Toby comes with me; he’s doing well on his program. He’s lost two pounds already. He snorts along, but I’m not bothered—my head is filled with poetry.
The first time he held my hand we stood on the bank of River Lake. He wanted to show me his childhood home. Wonder—that’s what I felt, with my hand in his. And I thought that maybe I could love this man.
I do.
I find a four leaf clover by the creek and I pluck its green; it is warm in my hand. I’m always finding four leaf clovers. The pages of my journals press them flat—they are always slipping out when I remember.
The sun shines gentle through the trees, evening coming on. We walk down the bank and I crouch low beside the creek. Dappled beauty flowing by…grasses bend under water caress. I sigh.
We turn around.
As we turn to go up the hill, I see him. He’s slowing to a walk. My heart does a flip-flop at the sight of him, and I know he will walk down to join us for the remainder of the way home.
It was windy on our wedding day. We married outside and afterwards, the picture-taking was frustrated by the breeze. I have a photograph in my white album of him shaking my skirt our like a sheet in the breeze. We are laughing.

I don’t believe in luck. I know what got us here. There were times I wanted to give up. But I didn’t.

And luck had nothing to do with it. 

The breeze today is even sweeter than on our wedding day. I slip my hand in his and we walk.
I don’t believe in luck. I believe. I believe in a Love deeper than my heart can conceive. That’s what I believe.

Thank God for that. Thank God.


  1. says

    Happy Anniversary , Laura and love.

    this was gripping, heart and soul.
    last night my husband and I finally , belatedly spent our spring anniversary out on a hike/walk .
    I am so moved to come here for a peek as I pass from the kitchen to the laundry, and be in this moment with you.

  2. says

    Beautiful, beautiful!

    Happy anniversary — what a lovely day.

    My son Noah finds 4-leaf clovers all the time, too. They come to those who keep a keen eye out for God’s details, I think.

  3. says

    LOVE the beauty of Love. What it brings out of us. What it draws to us. What we become because of it. Delighted with you in your choice to Love. Happy Anniversary

  4. says

    This should be a Hallmark card! I loved when you said “I don’t believe in luck I know what got us here” AMEN sister!!!
    Happy belated Anniversary celebrating life done together with the man you love.

  5. says

    … which happiness and love is a choice. You decided and kept deciding to love each other. It’s why you get to celebrate today. This made my hair stand on end. I love to hear about real love. Beautiful story, beautiful words.

  6. says

    laura ..we share the same anniversary . our oldest graduated from college on our anniversary, so 28 years celebration was a little overshadowed this year ..I enjoyed reading your love filled post..happy !!

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