On Sex and Writing

I’ve been participating in a book club discussion with some bloggy friends. A few of us writerly types get together over here every Monday to discuss Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write: An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life. It has been fun and inspiring, and the joy I feel in the knowledge that I am working toward improving something I really care about is tangible. It makes me want to write.

I mention this because I believe the same is true for intimacy. When we pay attention to what is going on in our sex lives, when we seek to grow in that part of our marriage…it can be very exciting.

As I was settling in to the first chapter of The Right to Write, I ran across a quote that brought to mind all my friends at Adding Zest.

The first trick, the one I am practicing now, is to just start where you are…

I think Julia Cameron is on to something. About more than just writing, I mean. Every journey begins where we are.

And so, as we begin our Spice It Up journey, we will be starting with little ‘ol you, right where you are.

Every month over at Adding Zest, I will be posting a Spice It Up! challenge designed to help improve marital intimacy. Join me over at Adding Zest for the rest of the May Spice It UP! challenge…


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    good thoughts….

    me…being a guy….not sure how to comment….

    but, yes – paying attention to what is important in our lives brings new life, vitality, and excitement to those areas of our lives.

    keep up the honesty Laura. You are a blessing to many!

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    Such an important part of marriage! After 26 years of marriage and 28 years dating, my husband’s touch can still give me goosebumps. I look forward to your posts.

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    Saw the link on Twitter and jumped right over here. hahahaha

    Quite a few insights from “The Right to Write” apply to intimacy, I’m finding. Makes sense. Julia’s talking about creativity, after all, and recognizing obstacles.

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    Marilyn–(smile) I thought I might bait some folks in over there (grin). I think writing is the equivalent to the “other man” for Julia Cameron. I love how she speaks of her experience with such passion.

    And my, Chris, you are brave! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I believe this is an important issue.

    Nancy–you inspire me!Maybe you should be writing these posts!

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    LOL! And I love it. I look forward to reading – and taking the challenges. Even after 28 years of marriage and 30 years of dating, the marital intimacy is still top priority! 😉

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    I’m in my sister! Since I am processing and diving into other deep places in the Lord and adventure, this is right up my alley! Yay! Blessings and Love!

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    Wow, am I happy to see this! Wear aprons. Only. 🙂

    I’m giving a young girl a wedding shower tomorrow.
    I always give them the same gift. A copy of Dr. Lehman’s “Sheet Music” and a red light bulb. And usually with tears running down, beg them, implore them to always and forever – play with each other.

    I also love Randy Elrod’s Sex, Lies and Religion. He gets it! The joy and worship and 3 way intimacy. You’re a courageous woman. Go girl. 🙂 I’m cheering you-loudly.

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    I have to admit, the title of this post caught my eye. I didn’t know anything about “Adding Zest to the Nest” till I read this — it’s very cool. I hopped over there to explore a bit and became a follower. I am a conservative (read prudish) New Englander, so it’s good for me to step out of my box here!

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    I think it’s SOOO great that you’re doing this! Yeah, all married folk should . . . get marital!

    Also…every time you tell me you are praying for me, it means so much. Thank you.

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