The Ancient of Days

William Blake’s The Ancient of Days

the court was
seated, and
the books opened
when he entered on
his chariot throne;
wheels ablaze–Chief
Justice of the
universe—Atik Yomin
the Ancient of Days.

it’s not like
me to fall for a guy
so fast, but…
I caught my breath at
dazzling white from
head to toe. The
Kaballah tells of
the White Head of God;
this mystery of En Sof
Ancient of Ancients,
unmanifested One.

daniel spoke
of woolen hair, but I
say, this embodiment—
the One I touch, who touches
me–is silk…soft threads
that weave us
into one—a great covering
over all.

the strong
hands that crush the
little horn, hold up
fists of saints in
victory—these hands
cradle, hold me soft, and
place the crown on
head of the One who
looks like a son
of man.

from forever and to
the forever of the

now that
is ancient.

This was written for the High Calling Blogs Papyrus poetry challenge to write about an ancient place. So I wrote about the most ancient of all shelters. He is a beautiful place.


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    oh, Laura, this is my fave of your writing thus far! BEAUTIFUL, my friend, just beautiful! I fell fast for Him too!! He is easy to love for He first loved me!

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    Some wonderful imagery here, especially “woolen hair” and “embodiment. . . is silk”. I also like your combination of the vernacular and more formal language.

    It’s been a lot of fun to see how everyone’s responded to the RAP prompt.

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    Wow, what a great blog. I’ve been reading it tonight as I sit in a hotel room (by myself) on business! I especially related to the post about laundry, and the teachers getting mad when you pull your kids out of school. I’m the queen of pushing that envelope. So glad to have met you through Graceful and share your journey. Blessings, Susan

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    There’s not much I can add that’s not already been said. But what struck me most was how this starts — like all poems start — with an image, an idea, or even one word. Andthen transforms into something beautiful and big and complex.

    Like a mustard seed.

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