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This is what I found on the floor outside my bedroom door this morning.

Jeff and I were out late last night because his band had a gig. The boys spent the night with their grandparents so I could go out and enjoy some Blues.

Please tell me you had a three musketeers bar last night, I said to my husband when he emerged late morning.

No, he said, he hadn’t.

I would not have been so suspicious except for what happened a few nights ago.

Someone broke into Lucy Mae’s dog food bag and proceeded to eat a huge portion of it. We don’t leave it under lock and key. Never had to. But there it was–wide open, with a big fat face print in it.

the culprit

I was disappointed in the dog food, of course; but we all know that dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate. That rascal sneaked into Jeffrey’s room, sniffed out his prized three musketeers—the one he received in his Easter basket and was saving for a special occasion–took the lid off the box it was hiding in, grabbed the thing, ripped off the paper and ate THE WHOLE THING.

Our houseguest has an eating disorder.

We watched him for several hours and he never showed any ill-effects.

It’s just not right.

At his last weigh in at the vets, he had only lost a quarter of an ounce. How will I explain this one?! He might possibly gain weight this week if he keeps this up.

I understand, Toby. I so understand.


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    Great ending to know that you houseguest was the culprit. You are right– possitble death by chocolate for pets. In my case, one of my son’s friends fed our african grey wasabi peas. Think the bird was too smart to eat another bite. It was a nightwatch.

    Glad to hear that the ending was not that you or Jeff had a Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder. It is a bummer to eat in your sleep and have no recollection of it. I would at least like to have a fond memory to go with the wrapper.

    Congrats to your houseguest for good taste!

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    Just look at those eyes! I love that he left the evidence for you to find. Perhaps he couldn’t find his way to the trash container in the dark.

    We’ve had our share of this kind of behavior. One of our Westies has an amazing talent for finding anything with even the slightest bit of plastic in it. One day we came home to find that the heads of every one of my son’s Pez containers had been bitten off and the candy eaten. Seamus also has been known to down an entire tin of Altoids. He did an impressive job on the container to get it open and had great breath for about a week and a half.

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    that is cute! I wish I could get on that diet!! eat lots of chocolate and lose weight!!!

    Glad he is not sick! our cat (whome we have dubbed the “Goat” for obvious reasons) ate a bowl of M&Ms one christmas and was so sick for days!! plus we got to pay $400 to a vet to tell us to hide our chocolate!!

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    Our Rusty has the same disorder! It is traumatic with each slip to be sure!
    My sympathies! But glad all is well!

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    This is SO cute! As a Momma of two fury family members (two male Maltese dogs) I fully understand.

    Silly me left a bowl of hot soup one day on my bed when I was sick and had to RUN to the bathroom (need I say more)…

    When I returned most of the soup was eaten and a trail of it was across my sheets. The room was silent!!! I looked over at two quiet dogs laying on their dog bed in the corner looking at me with innocent eyes.

    I could IMMEDIATELY identify the culprit…the one whose white fur had become brown from the soup. It was Goodness. He looked pitiful.

    I was so scared that he burned his mouth but NO he was so happy that he wasn’t in trouble that he jumped on the bed and headed for the soup bowl again! This time he was not successful…(SMILE).

    Merci on the other hand enjoyed one of my sugar free chocolate covered BIG strawberry’s my best friend shipped to me not long ago. He jumped onto the stool (how I have no idea with his little legs) and climbed on to my counter (that’s a no no) and took a plunge into the strawberry. He, unlike his brother left behind a nastier piece of evidence—throw up! Yes he vomited up the whole thing and has never climbed on my counter again. My scolding of him certainly changed his mind too.

    Dogs bring such joy!

    Love and blessings!

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    It was the whole pizza on top of the oven for our Dalmatian. When we shared with our dog’s previous owners, they looked at us like oops, just a little minor detail we forget to share with you. I am sure he is still enjoying his favorite can’t help himself food up in Heaven.

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