How to Make Spring Linger

The passing of the spring blooms feels like putting up Christmas. Summer perennials are not yet in full glory and my heart sighs as I clip back the dead.

How do I hold on to spring?

Our evening walks are sullied by the heaviness of the air and I. just. miss. the breeze. I don’t breathe as easy when she goes.

I wait for the cool.

The stars come early and the moon lingers long and I sit still under the night canopy. The scent of honeysuckle drifts on night mist. The fireflies wink at me in the dark. I am aglow with living starlight.

Summer is coming.

And though the season of sunshine has its own joys, I will miss the whispers of new life—the budding out of trees and babes in the nest and bushes alive with color—that awaken new life in me.

So I bottle up spring.

I gather the last weeping petals of my peonies, still heavy with scent.  The fingers of the blooms have lost their luster. Like an old woman they fold over, spot…sag.

But the scent…it still intoxicates.

The recipe is for rosewater, but these? Heavenly.

The petals wait. I dip my hands in the bowl time and time again–letting remnants of scent saturate my skin–lost in silk.

I place a bowl in the middle of a large pot—for catching the precious drops of scented dew. The petals embrace the bowl in the bottom of my dutch oven. I pour water over their delicate white. The lid is put on upside down. As the water gently boils and then simmers, spring fills my home again. It’s better than any potpourri created. The upside down lid gently channels drops of condensation into the bowl.

After a couple hours, I have spring in a jar.

Each morning and evening, my skin is kissed with peony.

And spring returns.


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    I’m so going to do this.Thank you.
    I can’t even tell you how much I loved this.
    My peonies are all droopy from too much rain.

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    I planted peonies last summer, and two of the 5 plants came up, but they aren’t doing much. I’m hoping that next spring, they will blossom!


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    This is just a beautiful post full of so much life.
    – aglow with living starlight
    – like an old woman they fold over, spot…sag

    And the holding onto spring, I am reaching. I should have done this with lilacs. And to not have the flowers that we did in Oregon, I may have to sweet-talk someone out of a basketful of theirs.


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    Lovely Laura. I don’t have peonies, but I would love to try the rose water. How wonderful to have spring in a bottle!
    So beautifully written Laura. I miss spring too (which is very short-lived here in Texas). I try to hold the picture of that beautiful “new green” color in my mind as summer closes in.

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    Spring does revive us doesn’t it. The memories some days are the foundation of going onward…because we remember spring…how it felt, what it did for us…the promise of it’s return. hmmmm….we can believe in it’s life even when we don’t see.
    Our peonies just finished…but now my summer flowers are erupting with color. Hope you find some around you some where.

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    oh what a great idea!! very creative…I am still in love with your gluing the fake flowers to the stick thing you did last year!! I SO love your creative hits! 🙂

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    Your prose so often reads like poetry…I guess it really is. Your heart so easily finds the right words-the gentle, inspiration filled words.

    Something sad about the end of spring, wanting to hold on, and the heavy air that comes so soon.

    Your writing is a blessing…a cool breeze carrying the aromas of spring.

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    I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

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    Hello, my sweet friend…. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit here. Life just seemed to take over.
    My 2nd born had a miscarriage, and my 1st born’s wedding was cancelled… while my 3rd born graduated from high school. We had our highs, we had our lows….

    I loved your comment left at my blog a few weeks back… As usual you encourage my heart so.

    I’m so glad I was able to visit today. I loved your “peony” post…

    Hugs to you, my friend!

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    So, surely it will come as no surprise to you that when we moved into our current home, which could have been converted easily to a greenhouse and nursery, we removed every last plant and flower (except the one row of tulips that we missed and still pops up smack in the middle of the yard every spring). Keeping stuff alive is such a commitment…I can’t do it! 🙂 We had to take out a few peonies and it took a tractor and chain to pull the roots out. Left a massive crater in my back yard. I packed up a bunch of pieces of it in wet towels and shipped it to my granddad in Iowa. A couple of years later it bloomed for him…

    I’m so glad someone loves and cares for these things…Makes me not feel too bad that it’s not me.

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