When I was a young girl and summer days stretched long before me, I whittled away the heavy heat one page at a time. A favorite thing to do was spread out on a quilt under a shade tree with my latest read. The whisper of leaves overhead and my favorite pooch by my side made the reading all the sweeter.

I’m a grown-up now (so they tell me), and I still find this a welcome occupation. It must be catching, too, because all I need do is provide the blanket and soon there is very little square lounging area left. My boys do love a good read. Popsicles help too.

At High Calling Blogs we celebrate the gift of words. We hope your summer is filled with great reads. To get you started, we’re sharing some of our favorites.

Visit HighCallingBlogs to read my summer reading list and share yours if you like!


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    great pics…I love how even your pics tell a story. 🙂

    I do love a good book…especially outside! nothing like reading to the sound of birds calling to one another overhead.

    I am currently reading “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert for a neighborhood book club.

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    Books. Books. Books. We eat them here too…

    We do a lot of read-alouds as a family, but I treasure quiet time with a novel too. I saw your list. I think perhaps I will just take a photo of my shelves and tables. That would be easier!

    Love the images. You must have some summer with that tan of yours. 😉


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    I dream of those moments…the moments of summer shade and peace like nothing else…tell me a time is coming when they won’t be so few and far between…so short. Please.

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    I have been reading the lists Laura and am heading over to see yours. I must say the lists have left me feeling a bit like a slouch. I just bought three absolutely “puff” fiction books at the Half Price Book Store the other day. My summer attitude is slow and lazy I’m afraid – just wanting to lose myself in a good story.

    Perhaps I’ll get a bit more ambitious and read something more challenging after I check your list!

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    I wanted to tell you that I read your post over at the High Calling on my Kindle today.

    Yep. I was sitting outside leaned up against a tree reading that amazing post.

    I could feel it. Because I was there. You’re an amazing writer. 🙂

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    Linda…I’m reading my fair share of fluff books too! As I said, I’m a fiction girl at heart. To me, nothing teaches better than a well-crafted story. I just haven’t jumped into my novel reads yet, mostly because of our book club posts and few other reading obligations. I’ll let you know when I find my good stories. Loving Frank will be first, as I already have it.

    Duane…cool! How was it on the kindle? Easy to navigate? I’m so curious…

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