The Butterfly Garden Journey Begins

I thought about it for a while.
I thought about how, when I was a girl, it was the love of books that saved me. I thought about how this post touched deep places. I thought about how, now, this book is taking me on a soul journey.
And I knew I needed to share it.
I’m starting a little book journey of my own. Sending God in the Yard out to bless others.  Following L.L.’s suit, I thought about what I have growing in my yard—looked for little bits of God to send along.
I have no lusty-scented herbs to crush for swoon effect. But my bee balm has a pert minty aroma.

My butterfly bush is blooming.

And then there is the tall phlox. This one is called Laura. Isn’t that sweet?

I bundle them together, press between parchment. I have a butterfly bouquet.

The Butterfly Garden Journey is born.
I sign a little note to Gretchen on the pages of the book, and off we go.
The book will make its rounds, passed from hand to hand with love. I hope that each reader will send a special note in the pages, and gift us with something from their yard.
Here is travel itinerary:
When you are ready to send the book on its next leg of the journey, let me know and I’ll update our Facebook status. I hope you will each blog about the sending off as I have done here.
Many blessings, ladies, and happy reading!


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    It is indeed a beautiful idea Laura. I think your little bouquet is just the sort of gift that truly touches the heart. I am honored to be a part of this. Thank you sweet friend.

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    A “BOGGESS BLOGGY GIVE-AWAY”… not just a book… but a journey that goes across the United States and into Canada? … HOW COOL IS THAT!

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    Hey, Laura! Gretchen mentioned this project and invited me to the list. If there is still room to join, I’d love to. Sign me up and let me know what I need to do. (I’d hate to hold up the journey!)

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    I am enjoying this book so much, too. But I hadn’t thought about sharing it with others along with something from my yard. I think that’s beautiful.

    I agree with Susie — the pictures are stunning!

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    How cool Laura! Sharing the beauty with each other. Everyone has a piece to add. I love what God has done with you with books and words. Let them flow. Blessings to you, B

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    Consider joining the High Callings network.

    Delighted to stop by today. I hope you don’t mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. THis looks like a nice place to slip off my shoes and soak in refreshing goodness.


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    Well, I’ve obviously missed this, but I will look at L.L.’s site , I want to get in on something in this way.

    love love your bouquet!

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