Dream Girl

In the night I dream I am a child.

This body sheds free the years and I am unfettered once again. My torso becomes a breath, these legs long and lanky, my arms–two sticks reaching out from the trunk of me. I am a stranger in my body but I remember this. Oh, yes, I remember this. There is sun-warmed moss beneath my bare feet and I am loosed to run—limbs strong and tireless—forgetting sorrows lived into this skin.

In my dream, we are on the cusp of summer, ready to dive headlong into her depths. I feel her breath fan out on my sleeping cheeks—feel her days linger long before me. When the night comes, so does the dew…soft-gathered on blades of grass. Moisture in the air wets my lungs, clings to my skin. Summer beckons me to stay outdoors long into the night. And my child-self delights to be her guest of honor. 

We are catching fireflies. Each twinkling star in the sky above is matched below by a living one and I feel my heart startle with joy each time the air winks before me.

But when I wink back and open my eyes, the dream is gone. And so are the fireflies.

Today I am honored to be featured over at (In)Courage.  It’s a post inspired by L.L. Barkat’s God in the Yard. Won’t you join me there for the rest of the dream?


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    This is exquisite, a soulful dream,that effervescence of our spirit that is not visible in real time, but comes out in the our private world of the mind in meditative sleep. One has had to experience this blissful state and bring back memories of it in order to write so eloquently about it.

    thank you for visiting my blog and gracing me with your thoughtful comments

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    This is wonderful.
    I am a simple woman, and so i use simple words…
    I love the ‘sheds free the years’…oh if only. I would opt to keep my 63 year old brain though, i wasn’t very wise in my coltish days.
    Once again, never enough words to say how beautiful this is.

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    I have already visited at (in)courage Laura. I was so thrilled to see you there. Your post was just beautiful.
    I think it so wonderful that you will get to see Ann and Laura in the fall. You will all be so close to where I live. I wish somehow I could see you. I am so happy for you. I think it will be a wonderful time of refreshment for you.

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