Joy in the Moment

On dark days
she would turn her
face toward
the sun.

There was honey
there, sweetness.
She breathed it
like air…

The sky spoke 
through whispering
 grasses and
lace intertwined

And she knew
what it is
to be well loved.
This stirring composition is brought to you by Emily’s Imperfect Prose on Thursdays and Claire’s Photoplay over at HighCallingBlogs.


  1. says

    I love this “stirring composition” and all the beautiful pictures.
    Thank you Laura, for your sweet friendship. I am thinking about you too!

  2. says

    oh Laura, i’m so glad you linked! your prose always makes me catch my breath. you honor me… and make me long for love… i’m listening for it, as you did for this post… bless you.

  3. says

    My first dog was a Boston terrier. His name was Mr. Ike (tells you you approximately how old I was) (OK, I was 4) (Ike was president).

  4. says

    Laura I am sorry that I missed yours. I had already sent everything through to Sam.

    Do you realise how much your photography is growing? I gasped when I opened this page. You are applying everything that we have discussed during PhotoPlay. I see great light here, excellent angle, the area is free of clutter, you are focusing on a specific detail and you applied the rule of thirds. wow!

    thank you for teaching me. thank you for learning with me.

  5. says

    Turning my face to the sun (Son), and knowing what it is to be loved…

    That will preach.

    I’ve enjoyed catching up with you today and a few recent posts. I’m afraid my energy is at an all-time low, as well as my spirit.

    But God.

    Is good.

    And I will emerge better for having walked this valley in faith.


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