We have been out all evening; and when we pull into the drive, bedtime is rapidly approaching. Older son must take out the trash. I am fussing with the dirty dishes left on the table…in the sink—abandoned in haste to not be late for evening appointments. That’s when she appears; lifting furry self from lazy sleep that occupies her time when family is out—doleful eyes seeking attention. Lucy Mae needs to go out.

Would you please run the dog around the house? I throw at smallest son, not wanting to break the rhythm of this scrubbing and shining.

His eyes grow big as he looks out the window at the fast approaching dark.

Not me! He exclaims. It’s dark out there.

He has been having these fears of late; fear of darkness, fear of burning house, fear of mom or dad being in an accident. I remember his brother going through the same at his age, and know we must ride this out.

But still, I sigh heavily as I put up the dishcloth.

Lord? Time is so precious.

He is more precious.

This the response I hear.

Mustering, I turn to small one.

Oh, one of my favorite things is to go outside at night. There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s so beautiful. It’s one of my best times to talk to God.

Really? Face is doubtful.

I gently take his hand. Together we go.

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  1. says

    oh! i am undone by the photo of the moon and the thought of his glory in the darkness of night! may all of God’s children learn to love the soft escape night offers whilst in His embrace – Glory! (my
    word verification for this post was “grand” :0)

  2. says

    There are always these precious ones who call us from the things we must get done to things of eternal value.
    In some seasons they are little ones, in others young adults and then there are the aging family members. We must choose.
    You chose well Laura.

  3. says

    Laura, beautiful as always. You transform the most ordinary moments into works of art. Your ability to reveal the Almighty’s touch in the creases of life leaves me awed.

  4. says

    love this.

    and oh how many times a day I “put down my towel”
    ( or pen, or book, or glasses, or vacuum, or ….)

  5. gretchen says

    There is something about the late evening to early morning in which there is an ambience of welcome solitude that sets itself apart from other moments.

    Girl… You really outdid yourself on this one!

  6. says

    Thanks for the nice comments on Family Fountain.

    Very good post here, an appropriate reminder to consider what matters most.

    Glad you got the book! (Sorry it took so long to send it). Now, I hope you like it!!

  7. says

    laura, i once heard God tell me, Aiden was my number one mission. and if i poured all into him, he would take care of everything else. he is so pleased with you, beautiful sister-mama.

  8. says

    Hey Laura,
    Just checking in from vaca, and I wanted to say thank you SO much for guest posting earlier this week. I loved your story and am so honored that you shared it with Graceful readers.

    Talk to you soon! Michelle

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