Beach Music

We drive 530 miles to say goodbye to summer.

Though the heat lingers, morning light comes later each day—reminding us of this revolution we are on…the way time tilts us forward. My family and I try to freeze the last moments of summer by traveling to the edge of the world. We leave our everyday behind and holiday at the seashore.

I feel time slow while we are here, but it never stops the onward march. Vacation is a deep inhalation in the respiration of life. I let my lungs expand, feel my diaphragm lift tall.

The days are filled with the scent of sunscreen and a kaleidoscope of blues and deep greens. We jump waves until our legs are unsteady. We build sandcastles and collect sea shells. We manage to still time in photographs and video…but the moments that remain most vivid are the ones impressed upon our hearts.

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photo by Kelly Langner Sauer, used with permission.


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    I am a thousands miles away from the ocean, but your words brought it right to me. this post is so descriptive and one of the best I’ve ever read by you.

    Our family ritual was to escape to the moutains as a final hurrah. We always had a memory to create — to share and laugh throughout the school year.

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    Aha – the minute I saw that photo, I knew it was Kelly’s! Even before I noticed the credit. She has such a beautiful style.

    I can’t imagine being so far from the beach. It is my living room.

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    We go to the beach every summer. We went back to the Outer Banks for the first time in several years this summer…water was freezing, but we made some of our greatest memories there this year…just something about the “edge of the world” that puts everything into a better perspective…solace-we find it there too.

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