Imperfect Prose (and Paintings) on Thursday

…someday, I would love to see your paintings…

I believe her, though I am not the artist she is and the thought makes me shy. Her paintings shout with emotion–she paints life onto white. I get lost in the bold swirls and rich colors. Mine…well, they tremble and blush–hide in this house.

Do I dare show? Come out of this hiding?

Maybe just a little.

alizarin crimson
cerulean blue
scarlet lake…

rolled up on end
my tube of toothpaste

yellow ochre
burnt sienna

inside fragile walls

give to me
your color.

sap green

waiting to
be squeezed out

give to me
Your water
and see me flow–
rivulets of

A few years ago I did a series on flowers as the fruit of the Spirit

A Sampling:

Buttercup: Goodness
Forsythia: Joy
Daisy: Kindness

And here’s one just for fun:

Jeffy and I painted Lucy Mae for his room

The poem was originally written for a  Randam Acts of Poetry prompt, but Emily invited me to share these other parts of my heart here. Thank you, Emily, for giving permission (courage) to share my joy as Imperfect Prose on Thursdays.

You bless.


  1. says

    oh Laura, i’m crying right now… thank you for sharing. your art is so beautiful. i LOVE the daisies especially. there’s such fragile beauty in your strokes, such a holy hue…

    God is in your garden. and it is good. love you, friend. e.

  2. says

    Please don’t fall into the trap of comparing your work with someone else’s. It does you injustice.

    Your work is lovely. (Watercolor is not an easy medium to master.) Be proud of the beauty it brings into our world.

    And keep painting. Who could not be inspired by paints with such wonderful names!

    P.S. Last year a friend insisted she was not a painter. I tweeted images of some of her work and most recently her new site. (She does collage.) Well, she’s sold some of her work and is in several shows now.
    She and you both are artists.

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    And I see a Queen Anne’s Lace in that row–my current floral obsession. Miss Laura, you must recognize and relish all of the wondrous gifts God has given you to reflect His beauty and share His grace…writer, photographer, artist, friend, encourager, and sister in Christ.

    I am so glad you shared!


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    Brave woman, so glad you took the step at Emily’s encouragement. We are blessed to see your work with brush today. I especially love the forsythia. We don’t have much of that bush in Nebraska — it reminds me of home, early spring in Massachusetts, when that bright flower brought us hope of warmth. Thank you!

    Oh, and Lucy Mae — too cute!

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    I esp. like “stagnant dormant soul waiting to be squeezed out/ give to me Your water and see me flow revulets of color”
    I’m working with God on letting my artist self back out of the dark room I locked her into.
    This was quite inspirational and I think your paintings are lovely–I esp. like the daisies and the dog–such a cool activity to do with your son!

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    Oh, I’m SO glad you paired your paintings with your words today. We (translate I) are so afraid not to be perfect, aren’t we?

    And yet you have painted such lovely expressions of life and beauty here.

    Thanks for sharing this part of your soul with us!

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    Delicate, lovely, sensitive, joyful, and full of light. This is what I see when I look at your art. Please don’t be shy. It really is beautiful. Jodi

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    You are gifted…showing fruit of the Spirit through art and words and life. I smiled at the forsythia! Joy on the page…on the screen…stunning me to grins!

    Is Lucy Mae just as adorable in real life?

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    Laura ~~
    did you hear my squeal ( well I suppose you are deafened by the sounds of crashing waves -at the beach?)

    good lord woman.

    Good Lord , yes?

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