I’m going to Tennessee, she said.

And I saw her there–above sun-dappled water, head thrown back, hair glistening. And I felt homesick for the water. Just hold on, I thought I heard her say. Your turn is coming soon.

Hey, friend, enjoy the lake. You made me think of this song this week.


Also in honor of Emily’s Imperfect Prose on Thursdays. Empty of prose today, so sharing a bit of Mindy. She’s one of my favorites.


  1. says

    Emily is one of my favorites too…
    Mmmm…the water.

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Hubby is hanging in there, recovery going slow but steady. Yes, God is SO good and the only reason he walked away from that. well, pilot skills helped. 🙂

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    Beautiful words, music and video, you managed to engage all our senses, well except taste, but I cheated and was eating grapes.


    from emilys

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    this was perfect.

    I needed this tonight,
    everything all scrambly and hectic.

    Long drive tomorrow to bring oldest daughter to U. She transferred after two years, so new beginnings, farther from family. sigh.
    and then later in the week a drive to bring another daughter to her first year. sigh.

    where do the days go?

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