Who Can You Trust?

God is jerking me around.

I felt his frustration. My husband had stepped out in faith numerous times…only to face one frustration after another in his ministry.

It’s the same old story: Church loses membership. Church identifies need for change. Church implements change. Parts of the congregation resist.

My husband was part of the change. Just three years previously, he was an unbeliever. But God revealed himself to my man through music and the result was a stunning display of Glory. A new service was added to our worship. My husband became the Praise and Worship Leader. Membership began to pick up. For the first time in years the church welcomed new families into our fold.

But some were not happy about this. Suddenly, people who had prayed with me for twelve years for my husband’s salvation were praying for him to fail. Unkind words were spoken. Meetings erupted in conflict. The congregation was divided.

And we were deeply wounded.

God is jerking me around.

His words stung. Was it really God? And should we have been surprised by the storm of resistance?

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  1. says

    I think we often attribute things to God when really, it’s just humans being disobedient.

    I have a relationship in my life didn’t work — not because of God, but because that person didnt listen to God, was disobedient, and ran from His calling.

    God wasn’t jerking me around. He is still there.

  2. says

    The church is full of broken people trying to make a whole body. In their efforts hurt happens and when it does we are stunned shocked and saddened. Our trust must be in God alone. We will always be wounded by those who are unhealed it is a process of directing our trust towards the ONE who heals our pain when it happens. I am sorry you have been in this place of disappointment.
    I hope it helps to know others are praying for you.

  3. says

    I can relate to this one! I am so glad that your husband was saved! It is awesome that he is a worshipper! I hope he continues to worship no matter what people say or do! I’m sorry that the we as the church so poorly represent the Lord’s true nature and character. It is unfortunate!
    Love you,

  4. says

    Thanks for the post references to the book by Howard Butt Jr. It does seem a common occurance in churches for people to get territorial and fall to the ways fo the world when their expectations are not met. And frankly, we do have some wolves amoung the flock. If it is encouraging at all. My past experience moving on and with change in the church is that most people are very loving and thoughful. I will pray that God will be bringing more of those people into your life soon.

  5. gretchen says

    Thank you for sharing these personal moments. The underbelly of the church is not a pretty sight and the hurt is real.

  6. says

    Sometimes I think that your world is so different from mine.
    and then sometimes I think that it really isn’t.

    because this trust thing. it’s everything sometimes.

    hope you continue to find peace in all of this.

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