Apple Pie for Dinner

We have apple pie for dinner and I don’t care.

It is time. Past time, really.

She is pregnant—heavy with fruit and we harvest late, letting nature have her choice before we do. Some of our pickings have already been tasted by crows or squirrels or another sneaky creature that sat high in her branches and nibbled delicately.These fall easily when the tree is shaken, but Jeffrey has to go after others.I toss the discards over the fence or balance them precariously on the posts– remembering the deer that come to spy.

He is no stranger to the tree and she cups him gently–swaying leaves brushing cheek like a mamma. It was he who wished for her, longed for her until one day he said to me–the mamma who can’t resist planting love, I want an apple tree.

We found a dwarf variety and planted it on the side of the house. Just right for this suburban family.

He remembered the days when we would take our basket to the meadow and fill it with sweet rounds and plump pears and wildflowers along the way. Now the meadow is sold—fenced off– the sweet woman who owned it retiring in a personal care home and her meticulous grasses grown wild and wily up around the trees.

I would never make it on the prairie, I tell Jeff, as I roll and peel and search for the perfect recipe.

He just kisses the back of my neck.

When it takes all day to make a couple pies, who can think about dinner?

We had apple pie for dinner. And I didn’t even care.


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    I just love, love apple pie — it’s my absolute favorite ever. The pictures of your son reminded me of my childhood, growing up with a yard that bordered an apple orchard. Man I ate a lot of apples.

    My grandfather was the pie-maker, apple with a crumb top. And in these last years it’s been my mother-in-law — her pie is number one (although yours with that flakey crust looks like it could give her a run for her money).

    She won’t be making pie any more, at least for those of us still on this Earth, but I will think of her every time I have a slice.

    I wrote her a letter that I left with her the last time I saw her. I said I fully expected we’d share a slice of her goodness someday when I met up with her in Heaven.

    As you can see, Laura, this post hit a heart chord hard.

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    you linked! oh hurrah! i love your posts, and this one did not disappoint–your photos are so vivid and your writing is effortless and poetic (even when you’re empty, friend :))… and you must be the coolest mama in the world, having pie for dinner. i want to come to your house and eat a slice with you. all love to you, tonight. ((thank you)) e.

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    Wow…that looks great. I love making pies…wishing I had one right now. That crust looked so flaky. And those happy an big for a dwarf tree. How very fun!

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    Hey miss Laura, I knew we had a few more things in common as we do this several times a year too.

    Wanna be really wild? Try “ice cream” cones for breakfast next. (keep it healthy though and freeze banana chunks, blend ’em in the food processor, layer the banana sorbet with blue berries or peaches and some shakes of cinnamon & eat two or three and call it “breakfast”)

    Now, what is this talk of L.L. and pies?…


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    Laura, I appreciate the opportunity to share this beautiful moment that you had with your family. All of my senses were stirred as I looked at the gorgeous photos! I LOVE this post!


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    Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream is my favorite!! Loved these pictures.

    We had an apple tree for years that died a couple of years ago. Just planted a peach and apple tree this spring.

    The apple tree really is doing well…the peach tree not so much.

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    I would love to have apple pie for dinner – with a scoop of vanilla ice cream please. I confess, I don’t think I would have made it on the prairie either Laura, although in my imagination it is the ideal sort of life.
    You did a great job on that pie. Scrumptious!!

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    Wow, does that look amazing!

    You had apple pie for dinner, and you made every one of us want one, too!

    And my daughter wants an apple tree. She’s wanted one for two years.

    The neighbors warn us that it draws the yellow jackets and makes a mess.

    But my daughter wants to climb it and pick her own apples and make apple pie and put one in her lunch box.

    I need to plant an apple tree.

    (by the way, Johnny Appleseed was from Indiana…)

    If you ever want to link to Food on Fridays, this is a wonderful post that would be a great fit–and you don’t have to write your post on a Friday. Link this one up now, if you like!


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