How to Hold the World Together

From up here I see how cracked and broken the earth is. She fits together like a puzzle—pieces placed tenderly by the Hand That Knows. We soar through islands of cotton candy clouds and I feel gravity pull on me.

How in the world did I get here?

When we land, I see. This is what holds the earth together—what keeps the brokenness from cracking wide open.


We arrived in San Antonio yesterday afternoon, my friends. Fredrick and I embraced flesh that we have only known over miles and miles of cyber.

God has a plan.

We were safely tucked in to the lodge last night—tired feet and humming minds. And I slept…oh, my, how I slept.

This morning I got up early—the rest of the house quiet—and I slipped outside. The sky is white before sunrise and I sit quiet, listen. Words will not come, but I am held, and tears do.

I came to listen. And I am found.


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    Laura, it was such a special time for me. I couldn’t sleep last night – living it all over and over again.
    Have a blessed time Laura. You are so very dear.

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    Oh, blessings on you. Have a wonderful time!!

    I just read “RU Rubber, I Am Glue” and just loved it, Laura. Your heart spoke to mine.

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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    Soaking with you in spirit.

    Trusting in the provision for the season. Savoring the Love wrapped around you.

    Worship in the place where the tears come, paradox of peace and pain.

    Your Father has even more for you. Watch and wait expectantly for it.

    Believing Him, praying for, and loving you!

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    I came to listen. And I am found.

    sweet words….sweet understanding.

    There are moments when I sit at my piano to play…I hear Him say to me “I miss you”…

    I long for His company…for His embrace. For HIS presence.

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    Hey you,
    Hope you all are spending the weekend barefoot. ‘Cause you’ll bless one another’s socks off, anyway! And besides, that’s holy ground…
    Smooches to everyone.

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    Love seeing these real life pictures of you all — you are one beautiful girl, Laura!

    I’m with Deb…a bit jealous…but mostly happy for the team of you all leading us at HCB!

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    You are such a gifted writer, but more than what you do, I love who you are. I am SOOO glad I got a chance to see some of your beautiful heart these last few days. The laughs and memories will stay with me until we can all meet again.

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    How is it that God finds a way to squeeze so much love into five days spent in a canyon? Maybe that’s the reason for the tears we’ve cried here… Love spilling over.

    You are so beautiful, Laura. Your heart sparkles. What a joy to have shared these days with you, my sister and friend.

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