Susan’s Butterfly Garden Journey

Another leg of the Butterfly Garden Journey is complete…

In June, I sent a copy of God in the Yard off to Gretchen. The plan was to share this lovely book with as many women as were willing to wait in line. Gretchen sent the book along to Susan–that picture lady we all love. Susan–dear heart–has been having computer problems and so asked if I could post a little about her time with the book here at the Wellspring.

She was gracious enough to send along some of her thoughts before she sends the book along to Karin for her turn…

For Karin:

The book awaits with cover gently lifted by the breeze wanting to fly into your heart. My prayer is that you will find a deeper measure of God’s grace through the words and stories shared. It was with some of the same trepidation that Gretchen mentioned, that I approached the questions and activities suggested. God, of course, had plans. As you know, His plans are good plans that sometimes carry us through painful revelations. The wonder is the healing that occurs along the way. And the uniqueness with which the Holy Spirit speaks to each one of us. To frame my words and thoughts in the beauty with which so many of you write seems impossible, but know my prayers go with it.

A card with a photo of the pink poppies that bloom and dance in the breeze by the driveway will accompany the book as well as some seed pods harvested from these poppies. I hope they bring joy into your life next spring and summer.

Thank you to Laura, who has been willing to share this book and document its journeys with so many of us, to Gretchen, who graciously passed it along to me accompanied by a delicious soup recipe, and of course, to L.L. Barkat for sharing pieces of her life and her writing with us.

Be blessed in the journey,


Thank you, Susan! And don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win copies of both of my books. Winners announced tomorrow! 


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  1. says

    with each additional post on this book, I become more curious. I love the touch of the seed pods as I am sometimes a bit obsessive on collecting from various plants.

  2. says

    Susan (and Laura), I amazed at the uniqueness of each gift that has gone with the book. Each so different and creative. Susan, your writing lifted my spirit today. Thank you, Steph

  3. says

    I am so excited to read it now! Every post from every woman who finishes it builds the suspense even more!! I can’t even remember where I am on this list. I just know I am on it!

  4. says

    this is so lovely.
    as is Susan.

    I have been waiting to read this when school starts.
    I love that I am in such good company on this journey.

  5. says

    this is so lovely.
    as is Susan.

    I have been waiting to read this when school starts.
    I love that I am in such good company on this journey.

  6. gretchen says

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing. Your written imagery and concepts are just as meaningful and striking as your visual art.

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