Traveling Mercies

Fredrick and I are on the road again.

Last night Jeffrey cried himself to sleep and Teddy gave a rare variation in prayer for his traveling mamma. Now I sit, waiting for my flight…butterflies churning. What I travel to is worth this anxiety–friends, fellowship,knowledge,and quiet communion. Friends, I’m traveling south. I hope to update your from the road, God-willing. Meanwhile, pray traveling mercies for me–and for my friends who will be meeting me?

You bless me with your thoughts and prayers. I’ll be sending some down from above the clouds for you also.

See you in Texas!


  1. says

    how blessed you are, Laura…Laity Lodge.

    may you feel wrapped in my prayers and blessings,

    and give a quiet hello to some of those very special people for me….

  2. says

    I have been praying for all of you Laura – for safe travels and a rich time of fellowship and renewal at the Lodge (I had hoped until the last minute I might get to go…sigh).
    I had a note from Ann last night. I’m meeting her at the airport in S.A. Perhaps I’ll see you there too? That would be such a gift!

  3. says

    the title of this caught my attention as i’m reading anne lammott’s book by the same title… i highly recommend it. i pray mercy and peace wrap around you as you go… and rest, fill your heart. xo

  4. gretchen g. says

    You know, Laura, not everyone can board a mouse on an airplane using a carry-on tote. Kudos to you. Have a God-filled wonderful time.

    … and yes…. at some point we want full disclosure on the story behind the story of your mouse.

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