I Brought A Cowboy (hat) Home From Texas

I brought a cowboy
home from
Carried it on
my head.
The people, they looked
to read
such a book
so it went on my lap instead.

I brought a cowboy
home from
Dan said the brown was
the best.
The yellow was fair
but he gave it
a stare
and declared it a man-li-ness test.

I brought a cowboy
home from
What, for my sweetheart
to wear.
And how I did smile
when in my
mind’s eye,
I saw it anest in his hair.

I brought a cowboy
home from
From San Antonio
to Hurricane.
And when I walked
the door,
the hat fell
on the floor
and there
for some time
it remained…


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    Oh Laura – this make me laugh. You are a clever girl!
    One of the first things my oldest son did when we moved from NY to Texas was buy a cowboy hat. He wanted to be sure everyone knew he was no longer a Yankee!

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    Thank you so much for committing to pray for me. It is challenging, but I am doing my best to do what I need to do…keep moving. The more I move the more the pain lessons. The hardest times are actually when I first wake up. It is like my joints (all of them) are frozen and swollen. As the day progresses the pain gets better as long as I keep moving. Ironic how the one thing I don’t want to do is what I have to do: EXERCISE and lots of it! God has given me a much better attitude about it over the last two weeks.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

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    Pretty cool.

    I was traveling through Texas years ago with my brothers. Told them to get off in El Paso b/c I wanted to buy a cowboy hat from there. I was asleep and they kept on driving. So, got one in New Mexico. That was in 1985, and I still have (and wear) that hat.


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