Love Letters: A Poem

the way the dogwoods burn
red in the fall
and the maples wave
roasted sienna. poplars
in a state of undress and
the way the hills
flow gold and
gamboge. the way
the wind smells–
all chimney smoke and
rich decay. how the
sky folds blue into
the daylight hours. the
sound of paper leaves,
skit-skit-skitting across

love letters to
my heart.

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    ahhh, yes. This weekend, my husband and I hope to get away to a place in the “mountains” to read a letter like this to our hearts.

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    Laura, this is a two-fer, for the stamp travels twice. I got a love letter too. I felt the love. Heard the love. Saw the love, heard the love and am compelled to go out and touch it with my own hands in my own yard. Today.

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    The older I get the more I appreciate all the seasons. But Autumn is always my favorite. What beautiful word scapes. I felt I was there too.

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    You paint so well with words! What a blessing to my mind, soul and spirit this was today!

    I love autumn leaves and smells! Its my favorite “creator painting”!!

    Thank you for sharing God’s gift through YOUR gift today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Laura – you make the precious things in life come vibrantly alive.
    As we were riding home today, I thought about you as I looked at the long grasses – tinted a faint violet color – dancing in the wind. I was reminded that you encouraged us to cherish each moment. Thank you dear heart.

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    Your words conjure images of midwest walks in the woods or the vista of the Appalachian valleys – all a far cry from the barren wasteland of the Sacramento Valley in God forsaken California. I miss my homeland. Your words have brought them forefront in my mind once more.

    I’m visiting from the Seedlings in Stone blog hop. Hope you can stop by for a visit. I’m at #5 – When the Rains Come.

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    I read this early this morning,
    and just didn’t know quite what to say.

    I really really like it.

    how’s that for a poetic response,
    because I just so so do.

    and I love L.L.’s observation.

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