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I know it won’t always be easy. What does a mother of two boys hold in her hands that will keep them? There is no football, no Nascar, no WII game expertise. As they grow, my role diminishes. Really, this is how it must be, but how to hold on to the precious bits of them that this mamma heart treasures so?

Come with me over to Emily’s and find out one thing we do to keep that bond fresh and deep. You’ll find her place comfy and inviting…


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    Just read your piece over at emily’s place–typing through tears. I write much about my teenage son, the hugs I miss. Slowly learning to find the joy in the different, in the walk along the way, the times he invites me in. Well written, well done.

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    Laura, I loved your post over Em’s place today — beauty! I am reading a book I think you would LOVE — have you heard of The Gift of an Ordinary Day — by Katrina Kenison? It’s a memoir about a mom and her two boys — letting go, releasing the grasp. It’s bittersweet and Oh so beautiful! I thought of the book when I read your post today…

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    Oh, Laura…that was so beautiful! We love walking as a family. Its something I started when Josh was still a baby in a stroller…when Michael was born I added him…when I married Will it became complete. 🙂

    Before I married Will we walked out of necessity as I didn’t own a car…after I married Will we walked for the pure joy of it.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful, touching story…you blessed me with tears of joy!


    Mary Joy

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