The Best Christmas Gift on the List

Every time your heart beats once, there are two Bibles being placed out there in the world.

I put my hand to mine when he said it…tha-thump…two Bibles.

I closed my eyes and imagined who the recipients might be. That brown-skinned girl of Ann’s? Or maybe my Romedan in Ethiopia?

Brother Jividen from The Gideons International spoke to our church last week.

It’s Stewardship season in the Presbyterian Church, but ours is giving money away. The loose plate offering last Sunday went to the Gideons.

Brother Jividen told us stories about his time in Africa, China, Columbia, and Guatemala.

It costs $1.30 to print up these little New Testaments, he said. But what you are giving is priceless.

The old gentleman was not impressive to look at. He didn’t appear to be a grand adventurer or thrill-seeker. His hair was white, his skin like paper. Yet…he had some stories to tell.

I glanced over at Jeffrey, whose pen was poised over the bulletin. He usually draws cartoons during church. It used to bother me until I realized that most Sundays he is illustrating the sermon. It’s how he processes the message. But on this Sunday, his eyes were riveted to the pulpit, captivated by stories.

When the plate came around, I rummaged in my purse. Twenty-six dollars. That’s all the cash I had. I let Teddy drop it in.

We just bought 20 Bibles, I scribbled to him on my bulletin.

He nodded, smiling.

Later, when we filed out into the world, I thought about those stories. I thought about the stack of Bibles I have at home. One for each room, so the Word is handy everywhere. I thought about my son’s eyes on that elderly adventurer.

The greatest need that we have, dear people, he had said, is for your prayers.

That night, we prayed for those who have never held the Word of God in their hands. And for those who carry It to them.

We are part of a bigger story, you and me. Let’s keep telling it.

And  help each other carry it to the world.

Do you know anyone who needs a Bible? Why not surprise them this Christmas? It might just be the most important gift they ever receive.


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    I’m weeping. Again.

    Your post made me remember the story I heard several years ago from some missionary friends of ours. I don’t even remember which country they were in. It seems they were in one of the former Soviet bloc ones.

    They told us that a very long awaited shipment of Bibles arrived several days late. This was the first time Bibles were allowed into their country in as long as anyone could remember.

    Our friend went out to help unload the shipment and began to weep as he watched. One person had climbed up into the bed of the truck and was handing the Bibles down one by one after kissing each of them.

    It is so very easy to forget.

    It is so very easy to take it for granted.

    Thank you for reminding me today!!!

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    Thank you, Laura. Let us never forget to pray for those who have yet to read God’s word with their own eyes, to hold that precious book in their hands. And do what we can, yes, to continue to spread His wonderful word!

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    I doodle, too. I never take notes. However, in the privacy of my home office, I take notes to dig deeper into scripture. I just can’t take notes in church. There’s too much to see.

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    Hi Laura 🙂 We’re (my husband and I)are kinda like David. We have so many different bibles in our home and different translations and we don’t think how extravagantly we live with The Word. When in some countries, their most precious possession would be one tiny New Testament by the Gideons. I still have mine from 5th grade…..back when they were allowed to hand them out in the schools. Thanks for helping us to remember, Laura 🙂

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    beautiful. giving the Word is truely the best gift anyone can give or get!! I LOVE every opportunity the Lord has given me to give God’s Word. My sweet group of Bible study ladies gave 50 Bibles to the military last year. Then we gave 40 to a women’s shelter. It was incredible to hear the effects of what God will do with those willing to share His Word!! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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    A couple of years ago my father-in-law, when he heard I was thinking of buying a Bible, gave me all his Barnes and Noble gift cards. He had like 5 of them stashed in his wallet. They totaled close to $40, and with it I bought my very first Bible, a hard cover study Bible. Changed my life.

    And he’s not even a “religious” man!

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    With so many copies of the Bible in my house, I hate to say that I take it for granted. Thank you for reminding me that many do not have Bibles, and what a difference we can make by providing them.

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    I really love this post. It’s close to my heart. And esp. hearing how one is in each room. That’s so beautiful. You’re savoring His words like letters from a first love. And sharing that love with others.

    Thanks for your encouragement to gift a Bible, Laura… hmm… someone just popped in my mind reading your post… Thank you.

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    I SO TAKE FOR GRANTED the easy life I have…as you said I’m sure I could put a Bible in each room of our home. Thinking about people in other places who have none…it’s very humbling.

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    And when we give a Bible we give something that is “living and active and sharper than a two edged sword and is able to …” DO MIRACLES! What an awesome gift. To all who receive and enjoy the feast of it will have a testimony. I think it is the greatest gift!
    Love this post!!!

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    An elderly gentleman from Gideon was also in our church recently. He mentioned that so many of the Gideons are older and they truly need younger representatives to to carry on the work.Carrying Bibles to souls hungry for The Word of GOD. LORD bless them…

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