The Needy

The hungry need bread, the homeless need a roof, the oppressed need justice, and the lonely need fellowship. At the same time — on another and deeper level — the hopeless need hope, sinners need forgiveness, and the world needs the gospel. On this level no one is excluded, and all the needy are one. Our mission as the church is to bring hope to a desperate world by declaring God’s undying love — as one beggar tells another where to find bread.

–the answer to question #51 of the Presbyterian Church’s (USA)study catechism: Who are the needy?


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    I love the way you expressed this. God provided me the opportunity Thanksgiving, to tell the story of my becoming a Christian to my brother-in-law, who is a practicing Buddhist. I found out he grew up Catholic, and had bad experiences with nuns. He says Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion. He said there is not a deity worshiped. My son, who is not a believer was in on the whole conversation, where brother-in-law was starting to put down Christians, and I felt compelled to tell him I was one. He still tried to discount what I was saying, but it’s OK, because God can use my words and that of others to reveal himself. Plus, I got a good compliment from my son, when he said I do live my life according to what I believe.

    Still, it hurts that most of my family does not possess the gift of faith.

    I haven’t kept up well with your blog. God bless your holidays.

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