Bended Tree: Poem

bended tree—
with twiggy fingers
trailing along crust
of snow…can you
bear the weight? lacy
tendrils of frost nip
at your ankles and
this heavy wreath of
crystalline drips
from your crown. How
do you stand winter’s
icy blast–folded under
so? your aged limbs,
a scroll, creased in upon
bowed body and tied
down. do you pray?
do you stare directly
into the sun–this
divagating philter in
which you beek? await
the liberating thaw…
then you will arch your
back in piquant awakening
and reach once more
for brumal skies.

This poem is in honor of One Shot Wednesday over at One Stop Poetry…and the recent snows we have received, of course. Head over to One Stop for some more verse–it will warm you up inside!


  1. says

    We haven’t gotten anything more than a dusting (for which I’m thankful), though the wind is howling and the temp very low.

    I like how you visualize the tree as it goes from being “bended” under winter’s burden to arching its back with a “liberating thaw” and “piquant awakening” to spring.

  2. says

    I learned some new words – divagsting, brumal.

    This is lovely, Laura. I think you struck exactly the right blanace between the delicacy of the pcutre that a snow-laden tree gives and the weight that the tree carries.

  3. says

    Interesting. A unique angle from which to view – not one many address. Stirred sympathy and hope for trees – nice work! Good word use, too. Strong image, and a potent potential symbol for many other struggles as well…

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