Color My Christmas

I am a colored lights sort of girl.
Sure, the tree inside is all twinkly white, but outside? Joy explodes in color. We started it in protest to the all the stodgy neighborhood rules we have here in the burbs. Seems like my sweet neighbors think that colored lights reflect a lower state of mind. They have their whites all evenly spaced and proportionately distributed, strung over bushes and carefully manicured trees the day after Thanksgiving. Spotlights are strategically placed to highlight the wreath on the door, laden with red berries and gold balls. I must admit, I feel a sense of calm when I come upon these lights at night.
But mine? A sudden burst of joy.
My life is not neat. And neither is my Christmas.
But it is jam-packed with messy joy.
A Merry, colorful, joy-filled Christmas to you all!


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    This made me laugh. I would have trouble with having to fit in a little box…I like my box to be MUCH LARGER. :o) Alas, I imagine I’ve always taken a bit of pride in my rebellious side. I have both inside our home….the all white mantle does bring me peace and quiet moments of awe. But my passion for COLOR…it is His joy erupting. Messy…perhaps or maybe just ALIVE! Merry Christmas Laura!

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    Beautiful photo. I must admit I don’t particularly like Christmas lights on houses – I am really weird. I prefer darkened houses with lights shining from within. But I bet your colours are a party for the heart! Many blessings to you for a bright and beautiful Christmas.

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    A little rebellion is always a good thing.

    Thank you for all your many lovely posts this year. Wishing you and yours the blessings and love of the season.

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    when we were younger, before mariage and before kids, some called them party lights and left them up all year. it was peter’s brother and mates, what a crew they were. now they’re all old farts.

    i have white ones in my kitchen that i leave up all year…i use the artist excuse.

    artists can hang up lots of things and get away with it!

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    I’m so glad Laura. I love a warm, cozy, messy Christmas.
    Praying your Christmas is filled with joy, peace and much love. I send you mine dear friend.

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    messy joy is the way life can be so often.. love this post , you are so giving with your words and feelings Laura..I am happy to stop here today ..may your holidays be a time of special (messy) moments!

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