Revelation Song

a robe of
sunlight and
the moon under
my feet. twelve stars are
the crown on my head. what

is a girl to do
when the red dragon
waits to devour all that
she births? seven hungry mouths
open wide to steal the fruit of my womb.
flee to the desert and hide among the dunes; to the

secret place. he
breathes water round
my ankles—a great tsunami
of fear and hate but the earth opens
its kind mouth and swallows the torrent
that springs from forked tongue and I am yet

safe. I know the end of
the story. stars fall like fire
from the sky and the garment sun
is darkened. but we wear shining robes–
live with the Light inside of us, and our labor
pains have not been in vain. slow, we pilgrim through

this life—this inchoate
journey…a tristful one; bricolage
of lashed together sorrows and diaphanous
joys…until the elegy is spoken and life springs
forth from rocky crags. Hold me up, my friend. Do
not let your hands fall away from me. I am in need of your Light.

I read about the woman clothed in the sun, and I thought it was a beautiful, terrible, wonderful story so I told him about it as I tucked him in.

I think we are the woman, I told him in the dark. And the devil tries to steal everything we birth for the Kingdom of God. 

That’s weird, he said.

But it says right there–he doesn’t succeed. The woman is saved, and her son is snatched up to the Throne. 

He was silent.

What if, I said, my breath stealing the silence from the night. What if we all lived like we believed it? The end of the story? We have already won. What if we lived like we believe that?

Still, the quiet. He reached over and took my hand under the blanket.

 I love you, Mom, he said.

What if?

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  1. says

    Oh Laura…how much I have been pondering on “more than belief”. I am surrounded by so many who believe God is real…but don’t know how to step out in action and faith…we’re not really living like we truly believe. hmmmm, good stuff to ponder and I’m praying that He moves in us to live it….to be able to truly receive the Truth in our spirits and rise up.

  2. says

    Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls Psalm 42:7a

    I pray that He continues to take us deeper and deeper, revealing those things He saves for those who seek Him and savour time in His presence.

    Breathtaking words today!

  3. says

    Keep singing the song, Laura! Your poem is truly a work of heaven, and a message that needs to be heard again and again–the challenge from God to us to put our eyes on the real Prize of this life and see that in Him, we overcome! Blessings to you, friend.

  4. says

    Thanks for your visits to Arise 2 Write, but most especially your prayers and friendship. You will never know what it means to me.

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  5. says

    This is beautiful. Just imagine how we would life if…imagine what the world would look like….imagine how we would treat eachother. We must pray to Our Lady.

  6. says

    I’ve always been attracted to the strange imagery of Bible prophecy. It stirs deep, unspeakable things within me. It makes me sit up and take notice, straining to understand what seems incomprehensible on the surface. Actually, that doesn’t make sense. Hopefully you’ll know what I mean? :-p

    Nevertheless, this struck a chord with me. Great read, my friend.

  7. says

    What if we lived like we believed? Great question for advent. You know, I grew up in a church that used to scare us to death with end times prophecy stuff. Nice to read about the same stuff with joy and light in it.

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