Saturdays–Soul Days

Saturday is our happy day. We stay in PJs late into the morning, linger over a big breakfast, and take long walks with the dogs. Today, the sun came out and the last little bit of snow left on the ground melted and we breathe deep the smell of the earth taking this ice cold drink.

We try not to hurry; we try not to have plans. We just be together.

Does that sound incredibly insignificantly boring?

My friends, it is EVERYTHING.

Wishing you a beautiful everything this weekend.


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    sounds like a sweet saturday. it rained all day here…freezing cold rain…perfect excuse to stay in, all day in pjs and watching movies, taking naps and cuddling. makes for a great saturday 🙂

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    Oh Laura, it sounds wonderful. Probably really needed after a busy week and much appreciated at this time of the year. What a great tradition to show the little ones.

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    treasure it,sweet friend! time passes so quickly and we are left alone with memories of days like you describe. Precious they are to reflect on!

    Merry Christmas blessings!!


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    It sounds like a lovely way to live. Our Saturdays are pretty low-key much of the time, too.

    Love you friend…thanks for coming to visit me at prayergifts.

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