Almost Whole

outline of the hospital where i work from  the parking lot.
with morning dawning
I take broken
bits of me, the open
gaping wound of
me—I carry pieces
up sterile stairs…
tendrils trail behind
and I pad to cabinet
to find glue, a
notebook, some keys,
and a little bit of putty.
story-collector, mind-
bender, open-heart
tinkerer…I listen to
the soul-voice.
bread crumb heart
helps me find my
way back, I sweep
them up in my dust
bin and go. a little
milk and sugar and
wa-la! I am pudding.
a few crumbs are
left behind.
She asked, What frustrations does your workplace bring? And, Can you capture your workplace through photography in order to rethink the negative aspects?
So I take my camera to work.
But how? How to give a picture—or even a word—to a place people go to be put back together?
These therapists I work with, they do God’s work—they are His hands and I have seen more miracles than I can count. But don’t I know that when I climb these steps that take me up to fix the broken people—don’t I know that they will help put me back together again?
They give me their stories. I receive them gentle—place them soft in my story basket. Some days I weep at the beauty of the gift. Others bring silent wonder with the strength they tell. Some will shine in the corners of my mind longer than others. Or maybe leave splinters on my heart. There will be those that weave tiny threads—whispers–into mine. But since these are not my stories to keep, I bless them and let them go.
I have my own story to tell.
This broken person meets these broken people and when we come together—for just a short time—we are almost whole. We rub up against each other–sometimes soft, sometimes rough—shaping and sanding sharp edges…leaving beauty.
And I think of the place of deep joy  and I know…this hard place takes me there. Life is rich and joy drips deep into these veins because we. share. stories. 
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Love you, gals!


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    You are such an artist with words. The beauty of your heart floods the page. I know you are an incredible blessing to those you serve each day at work. And then you still have time to bless me. Thank you!

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    Although I am a nurse and not a therapist this spoke to me . I sometime feel that my nursing career doesn’t matter for much especially when you go out of your way to help patients and don’t even get a thank you. So thanks for this.I know your work is heart wrenching too as I work with social workers on a regular basis who are overworked and underpaid.So I thank you for the job your do.

  3. says

    I always feels so privileged, so honored, to hear a thread of another’s story. And you’re right–our stories bring healing to one another.

  4. says

    so lovely…

    receiving the stories of others is such a gift. i imagine you are a tremendous blessing at your work. you carry with you a great tenderness that comes through in everything i read.

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    OH MY! This is special.. this is the first time I’ve stopped at your blog but you obviously have a story to tell thanks for sharing…

    The picture of the stairs says a lot..

    Good luck

    – Sy

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    Oh this is precious . . . and I am sure you are of great encouragement to the broken people who come your way. I it’s brokenness that allows for healing that makes for wonder changes.

    Thank you for sharing

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    Wow, Laura. This is powerful. I missed that photoplay prompt (and I really dont do much with photography), but what a great exercise – to capture in photographs the things that frustrate you at work.

    Loved the poetry, the blending of the photo’s with your own internal landscape. It’s so real.

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    one broken life + one broken life = almost one whole life…

    I said this very thing to Ms. Frances today at the Bordeux lunch counter (the snake killer lady). I told her between the two of us, we almost make a whole person. Her pain… my pain, all mingled together over egg-salad sandwiches with parting words of love.

    It was a good day to be with another broken person. Kind of made all the “rough” worth it all.

    Love you, sister.


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    Okay, Laura, I call this a mosaic of Laura – her poetry, her images, her story, and her faith. This was an incredible poeima of your soul and your work.

    “bread crumb heart”

    These three delectable morsels I carry with me in pocket to feed the writer and the faith sojourner in me. Thank you!

    I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what you see.

    “The place of deep joy”

    So I clicked on this link…. again, choice foods to share in Neh. and that you did in this post. My tummy is happy. So yummy to enjoy this with the Faith Jam brews.

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    All the stories …

    Broken has so many different facets. You are glimpsing the light refract off more of them than many of us do.

    Do you think that whole must feel more whole after the broken?

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    Laura, your beautifully crafted words give hope to all of those of us who are broken and give us HOPE for a future of restoration and healing, as you journey this way yourself:I take broken
    bits of me, the open
    gaping wound of
    me- your expression is in itself a blessing.I weep at the beauty of the gift. God Bless you dear Laura.

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