RAP: Chosen

you did not
smile in that
first picture—just
stared at the camera
and the whites of your
eyes were red.
Middle child—
brown-eyed boy
between two blues…
I see you. I see your
lips now stretch wide—
Will I ever
cup the plumb
of your cheek? hear
the arc and lift of your
voice? do you think of
these things? do you dream
of me?
I send you
snapshots and
colored pencils, a
cow for milking, a goat,
some chickens…
I keep your
picture in my pocket,
close to my heart, you say.
Stay in school, I say. And,
Jesus loves you.
In pictures I have
seen you, chosen one.
and I watch your smile


This poem was written for this week’s RAP poetry prompt from David Wheeler Write a poem to, or in honor of, an orphan, someone you know who has adopted one, or your own adopter. 
I wrote this poem for Romedan, the first child we were able to sponsor through WorldVision. I found him at a Women of Faith conference. I remember the incredible feeling of loss and overwhelming  that came with the task of choosing. So many children. So much need. Romedan is not an orphan…he has a mother and father who love him, a family he rubs shoulders with every day. But he is also an important part of our family. I have watched him grow up with my boys.  I have prayed for him and worried for him. I have loved him. 

The Idea Camp will gather on February 25-26 in NW Arkansas to focus on the issue of adoption and orphan care. Inspired by this event, we are sharing stories related to the high calling of orphan care. If you have a story of your own to share, post a link at our introduction to this series, Caring for the Little Ones.


  1. says

    Romedan is blessed to have your prayers water him. It is hard to choose, but chose we must and trust God to supply other choosers. Thanks Laura

  2. says

    Beautiful. I think of my middle girl’s eyes as blue against the brown of her sisters’. So the chosen aspect combined with this child’s eye color met me close to my heart.

  3. says

    We have one such boy too Laura, and we long to be able to actually touch him. Instead we pray and send things to make his life easier.
    Your lovely poem says it perfectly.

  4. says

    i like to think that it was you who was chosen … to be loosed into even greater love. so often the cup we are for others is meeting are own lips.

    beautiful, laura.

  5. Anonymous says

    Love this so much, Laura.

    I forgot to RAP. We adopted both of our children. Did you know that?

    And we’ve sponsored a Kenyan girl for years through Compassion (and two others before her.) I, too, wonder if I will ever cup the plum of her cheeck.

    Just. Wonderful.

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