The Sky is Falling: Stone Crossings

The rain falls like shining beads; glistening drops cling to naked branches and capture light that gleams against the white sky. The jays are fighting over my feeder, chasing away the smaller sparrows with their mean cries. When they land in the plumb tree I watch the branches let go of each tiny drop—dew cascade.
The sky is falling.
She tells the story of the child Salvador Dali—how he painted with stones…intricately gluing a tiny rock-sky to his canvas and creating a still life below with cherry stems.
…His parents supported his creative efforts and hung his stone sky painting in the dining room. Every once in a while a pebble would dive to the floor with a tap. Salvador’s father assured people, “It’s nothing; it’s just another stone that has dropped from our child’s sky.” (L.L. Barkat in Stone Crossings, page 33)
We work with what we have.
All my life I have picked up stones. Tiny bits of round pebble, sharp-edged slate. I paste these jagged, broken bits together, finger paint around it, and call this art.
This is life. This is my life.
I never thought I had a choice. I’ve worked with what I’ve been given. When the stones fall from the sky, sometimes I rearrange them.

Does this look better over here? Shall I try it over here? Let’s do it this way for a time, shall we?
Greedily, I pick my stones up off the floor—hunt them down under the cupboard where they have rolled in haste, gather them from where they have scattered—and put them back together.
Isn’t this pretty?
But what would happen if…
If I opened up the fingers that wrap so tightly around the coolness of these stones? What if I let go—trusted?
Would God take these precious stones—the ones that glitter in the sun and invite my thumb to rub across their flat—would he take these and put them in his bowl? Would he grind them down with his pestle until all that is left is fine sand? Would he then moisten it with his breath, turn my stones to clay?
What if he rolled that clay between his fingers–smoothed it with gentle hand?
What if, instead of rearranging, I allowed these things to be…transformed?
My sky is falling.
And I think I like it.


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    For me, the image of the sky falling is one of sheer terror. Every night, for years of my chidhood, I had the same nightmare. The sky was falling, and I was Chicken Little/Jemima Puddle Duck, and the only way to be safe was to run into the cave, where the Big Bad Wolf would welcome me, and devour me.
    Finally, at age 7, I told God I’d had enough. I was never, NEVER going to sleep again unless he gave me a good dream. He gave me a dream of going to heaven.
    My life was forever changed. I know understand that dream was my conversion. Everything else is working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

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    Laura…this so accurately describes what God is doing in my husband and I in this season…He is remaking us. It’s very interesting journey to trust in what you can not see…the process.

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    I am an avid rearranger, but even as I scoot and shuffle my heart longs for more. You painted it so vividly here. Thank you, Laura!

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    I know I like this — it’s beautiful, Laura. We are such collectors, such “fixers” — and all we really have to do is trust. Let go. Lean back. Fall, and trust.

    Thanks for this lovely word picture.

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    I had never thought of it in this way before Laura. It really is difficult to let go, but oh what a wonder He is at transforming.
    You are such a gift.

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    First of all, Dali–Barcelona–where I studied abroad and first found wings in SO many ways, so you had me there.

    Secondly, this was just so lovely from beginning to end. I especially loved especially ‘What if I let go—trusted?’ and everything that followed.

    Thank you Laura!

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    Laura, you are so beautiful inside and out. I just received an award that I was to share with 7 other bloggers and I chose you as one. You may already have this award, but I wanted you to have it. I hope you will stop by my blog and pick it up….ty 🙂 God BLess you

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    Laura, what a beautiful way of thinking about change. Not simply making the picture a bit better, not a re-arrangement but a whole new creation.

    Taken from what we have always known to become what we were always meant to be.

    Thank you for your always inspiration.

    Claire x

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    I want to be that sand…that clay. I want to feel the warmth of His breath and and the gentleness of His hands as I finally “let go” and allow Him to make me what He truly wants me to be. No struggling to help Him, just total trust. I’ve always felt He had one path for me, but hubby and I are beginning to think differently now. Thank you sweet Laura 🙂

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