Playdates: Invitation

The wine glasses were filled and Patrick wanted salt and our professor ordered scotch and I spilled a glass of ice water on Susan’s lap. It had been a long day—with travel and much sitting and taking of notes and such. But the conversation fed us like bread straight from the oven and the warmth was like a fire that we all held our hands out to.
No one wanted the evening to end.
That’s when Betsy’s eyes found mine across the table and she said softly, “For me, times like these are playdates with God.”
I smiled, nodded silently, and our eyes held right there for an instant.
Can’t every moment be? Isn’t this awakening in my soul an attention process? I am listening for the God-voice. And when my spirit stirs with the whisper, I must remember to ask, “Shall we?”
He and I.
And this simple asking for accompaniment…this makes life a series of love stories—one great adventure after another.
Because the Divine always comes along when invited. And this Presence makes me brave. How else could I do the crazy things I do? This is what it means to fall in love—leaving all other thought behind except the Beloved. I hold this Image in my mind, I look forward to time we can spend together—alone. But the joy of the Divine love is that it is always present. All I need do is attend to awaken to this mystery.
Andre Dubus says that it would be madness to try to live so intensely as lovers that every word and every gesture between us is sacrament. But even he acknowledges there is a way.
…We can do what the priest does, with his morning consecration before entering the routine of his day; what the communicant does in that instant of touch, that quick song of the flesh, before he goes to work. We can bring our human, distracted love into focus with an act that doesn’t need words, and act which dramatizes for us what we are together…(On Charon’s Wharf)
Dubus refers to the sharing of a simple meal as an act that becomes the tangible representation of the indescribable: love.
Abide in me, Jesus says.
The action that leads to this place need not be a complicated one. So long as God is invited into the moment. In this way it becomes holy.

How about you? How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.

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    “to live so intensely as lovers that every word and every gesture between us is sacrament”~~~is this not abiding? Working on that….to abide well.

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    Today I am taking a walk with God. It’s more overcast than it was yesterday. I hope I’ll be warm enough. The little buds are springing forth from their cocoons in the cherry blossom trees and spring hints, laughs at us, as we wait for it’s arrival through the semi-gloom.

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    ‘And this simple asking for accompaniment…this makes life a series of love stories—one great adventure after another.’

    Though I am quoting just this, I wanted to quote everything…so beautiful and needed and true…thank you for this gift at the end of today:) You are EVER a blessing:)

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    I enjoy Him so much! So many ways to enjoy Him! I believe it delights His heart when we are delighted in Him. His presence is to be enjoyed. Thanks for sharing with such beautiful expression.
    Love you,

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    Just finished reading Ecclesiastes. Solomon says, “there is an appointed time for everything.” In a way, I don’t think it’s possible to sustain a relationship with God that you’re describing here in this lifetime. We catch glimpses of it, like your post describes. That’s the allure of Heaven, where we will be able to engage The Maker without distraction.

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    Duane–I post on Mondays but the link is open all week. Jump in any time!

    Kim and Amber–yes, these moments seem to slip through fingers. This is why I make these playdates…deliberately pursue. My life has become so full with Him since I have been paying attention this way. Oh, so wonder-full!

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    No wonder most social events revolve around food. There’s something healthy, holy about the breaking of bread with another… something heavenly that reminds us of the great communion we can have with Christ.

    Our hearts cry out for it.


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