Sunday Contemplation

“A man who struggles long to pray and study Torah will be able to discover the sparks of divine light in all of creation, in each solitary bush and grain and woman and man. And when he cleaves strenuously to God for many years, he will be able to release the sparks, to unwrap and lift these particular shreds of holiness, and return them to God. This is the human task: to direct and channel the sparks’ return. This task is tikkun, restoration.

Yours is a holy work on earth right now, they say, whatever that work is, if you tie your love and desire to God. You do not deny or flee the world, but redeem it, all of it–just as it is.” —Annie Dillard, For the Time Being


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    Catching up on three posts here. All wonderful. We don’t have TV reception or an internet connection fast enough to get video news. I feel very disconnnected to the suffering in Japan, as a result of my isolation. Thank you for this reminder!

    Peace be with you.

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    Annie Dillard…is that her newest book? The things you share are sparks of divine light Laura. We should all be about the work of redeeming our areas of influence. thanks for the quote.

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