art show 011
–verb (used with object), -ized, -iz·ing.
to cause (a nation, tribe, or other ethnic group) to adopt the culture of another people.
Mother (so proud) on the way home from the Art Show in which both of her boys had pieces displayed: “See? You should take more art classes. You are both good at it.”
Son #1: I don’t need art classes, because art is inside of me.
Son #2 (in mock complaining tone): Mom, he is talking all free thinking and stuff.
Dad (to son #1): Are you trying to say that you have to fart?
Son #1: Actually, I just did.
Mom: Laughs hysterically because she knows she’s outnumbered. Says a prayer that she will never be acculturized.

Just a tiny peek into my world, friends :). Don’t pity me. I’m holding out hope for granddaughters one day.
art show 001
art show 006
art show 021
 art show 012
photos: scenes from last night’s youth art show. 


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    Oh I get this one Laura. I was totally outnumbered too until our little girl came along. There are now five granddaughters to two grandsons – so just hang in there!

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    LOL….my hubby lives in the opposite world. He’s SO LOOKING FORWARD to the girls bringing “that” right boy home. But I LOVE women like you….helping to instruct the “boys” of the world so they will love Jesus and be good men to girls like mine. And so we continue to pray as mom’s don’t we.

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    LOVED THIS…. I have 2 kids, 21 and 18, boy and girl, and they talk in a very similar manner…. sorry to tell you it doesn’t improve with age! lol! Loved this post, I giggled, I reminisced, and I am NOW counting my blessings… 2 kids who I love to pieces… thanks for the post!

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    It’s genetic. Boys are gross. So are dads.

    Speaking, of course, as one of three brothers, father of two boys, and grandfather of one boy.

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    Laughing:) Great art and great conversation. I grew up with one brother, so having three girls is very different. I love having girls, but sometimes I think about all they’re missing without a brother. Of course, one of my girls shocks me every now and then with tooting talk. Relief!

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    I couldn’t do it any other way. I’ve always said a girl in my house would have to go to boarding school. God knew, and never chose to subject a girl to my parenting.

    But there is something else about a house full of testosterone. Oh my.

    Love this, very much.

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    Having 2 boys, I get this. Tonight’s dinner conversation (I made burgers):
    Me: My burger is falling apart!
    Son: Oh no! Your buggar is falling apart?
    Me: (laughing)Yes, my buggar is falling apart.
    Life with boys– I guess at least I laugh more. 🙂

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    So glad you sent me over here for this from your article at THC tonight! What a riot. And yes, boys are gross. But girls can be gross sometimes, too. So can moms. :>)

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