April Fools

church windows
It snowed
on the first of
April and I
slept through the
sunrise; clutched
dreams tight to my
chest. rest, you
said, when my
eyes tried to flutter.
rest. I awakened
to find that heaven
had let down her
hair—those pearled
strands of gossamer 
thread striving
for the earth. you
came home early
and we walked
through tendrils—my
feet wet but
bivouacked under 
love,  my
bare hand was
warm in yours and
the earth slurped
deep from the
frozen drink of
the April fools.


  1. says

    This is beautiful, Laura. Especially lovely are these lines: “pearled strands of gossamer thread”, “my feet… bivouacked under love”. And how delightfully you worked in the concluding “April Fools”. Aren’t we all?

    Thank you also for the shout-out.

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