How Beauty Cups Joy

joy sleeps in
the cupped hands
of beauty; on the

dream of white
tipped wings opening
in flight, the rosy

blush of soft
skin–new, a few

notes plunked out,
taste of the dewy
watermelon and
dandelion, the
crips turn of a
page, the bruise

of  lips heavy with
kiss; soft padding of

paws. I carry
her gently, peek
in on her slumber—
she stirs and I
laugh too loud.
but, when beauty
is lifted high…
joy takes flight,
carries me into
the heart of
the Divine.

joining with bonnie and “the jammin” community today:


  1. says

    I love you Laura and your words and pictures:) just wanted to say that!

    Thank you for your faithful friendship and prayers–a true blessing!

  2. says

    This is truly beautiful. The last few lines about joy taking flight. It is easy when there is too much going on to forget about joy. Today, I will remember it.

  3. says

    OH my! I LOVE it all. And your Boston… PLEASE take more photos of her for us! Divine Joy is right. I love me a little Boston. (Mine’s a boston/pug) 😉

  4. says

    Beautiful, both word and image! Seen through the Father’s eyes!

    From a fellow Faith Barista follower.

  5. says

    I was so moved seeing these photos. You are a poet with words… and with images. I still remember your photo of the stairs at your work. Now, I have a glorious set of new images filed away under “Laura”. My favorite is the first — cupped joy. Is that me? It is us. And those toes. All, pink and rosy. Our humanness. Our walk. Christ will sit down with us one day in that bright place of new heaven. Thank you for bringing your joy to share with us!

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