**This was written on Sunday, May 15.

The skies have been gray with just a whisper of rain today and the wind brushes through the trees like a kiss, leaving behind the sweet promise of a coming storm. It’s a day not unlike this same date eighteen years ago. Eighteen years ago we prayed for sunshine all week long. Eighteen years ago our prayers were answered. Eighteen years move slow like the lava seeping through the cracks of the bubbling earth. And then it rushes forth so fast that the beginning and the end are all the same—there is no time to separate. Eighteen years rubs up against every piece of me—carving and molding new topography, erasing the sharp lines of bitter…making beauty simply by staying, giving shape to deep places never awakened before. Eighteen years ago the sun came out. 
It did not rain on my wedding day.
But the wind was reckless, defying the irenic sky, laughing as our guests chased bits of paper and scraps of love about the yard. We were married outside—at my in-laws old farmhouse—so the trees could bear witness to our naïve devotion. We made our vows with our feet sinking in the earth, the dewy smell of spring still clinging to the air. Somewhere there is a picture of my new husband—after the ceremony—shaking out my long white train like a sheet in the wind. The darn thing wouldn’t stay put.
This morning dawned and I woke up in love. During worship, my husband led the praise team in that beautiful old hymn I Stand Amazed.  As I sang the lines along with my beloved, the words penetrated deep, filling all the hollowed out places that eighteen years can carve.
How marvelous!
how wonderful!
and my song shall ever be:
how marvelous,
how wonderful,
is my Savior’s love
for me…
As I sat in the pew, eighteen years became light and new. Once again I became an expectant bride waiting for my groom. All the seasons we’ve been through–the lava and rushing storm, the new, the old–these things have shaped my heart for the waiting. When I look back I see the beauty of sticking through…I see the beauty of simply staying. Waiting was never supposed to be this passive thing. There are those lamps, you know? We watch. And the stirring inside is the same I felt as I waited in the eaves of that farmhouse 18 years ago–praying for sunshine.

He is coming. He is coming for me and for you. Oh, how marvelous is His love. How wonderful. 

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    “…eighteen years become light and new.” Rejoicing with you for this divine blessing. beautifully captured. I felt myself standing there for the singing of that hymn.

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    I knew you must have been married around the same time as me, as soon as I saw the picture. :)(We were married in 91.) You are a gorgeous woman…in many, many ways!

    Happy Anniversary!

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    Congratulations to you and your man! I love the end, I wanted to jump up on my chair and yell, “YES HE IS, HE IS COMING, YES HE IS!” Love it!

  4. says

    awakening my expectation of Him coming…me the bride..can get lost in the focus of things here…
    giving shape to deep places never awakened before…and I am keeping these words if you don’t mind:). They remind me of what He maybe doing in my heart…beautiful

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    Now I’ll be singing that song today. . . at least in my mind. Thank you.
    Beautiful picture in a beautiful setting. Happy Anniversary! And what beautiful accompanying thoughts.
    We celebrate 18 years in August. 18 is good–just funny to consider when I turned 18. Makes me think my marriage will officially be an adult:)

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    Aw shucks! I love me a good love story. How good is God to transform our naive devotion into something beautiful that endures? Happy anniversary, my friend!

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    This is beautiful and FULL — of hope, promise, and love. And I love your words about waiting, pairing it with the lamps. Not being passive, but expectant.

    And, I love the new blog look!

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    Laura, the entire post is beautiful (like you!)…But this took my breath:

    ” filling all the hollowed out places that eighteen years can carve.”

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    Wow! Weddings seem to be at the forefront this month. Yours and the expression of your memory of it are wonderful. Many more blessings upon you both!
    And, I liked your old theme, but this one is great! Cool revamp!

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    Beautiful post, Laura. Happy anniversary too! I remember waiting anxiously 19 years ago in September and hoping it wouldn’t rain on our outdoor wedding. Threatened all day, but we got through it dry.

    Your words are poignant as always and point the way to that different time.

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    Congratulations, Laura!!!!!! Happy Anniversary! What special memories! I love your word pictures…you made the memories come alive! Enjoy the new memories together today as you celebrate. 😀 You are still such a lovely bride today and in the pic from 1991!!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

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    How gorgeous you were back then and still are today. What a beautiful blog, and testimony to staying, waiting and looking for the love of our life, AND the Lord of our life! Happy Anniversary Laura!

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    Happy Anniversary beautiful Laura! Lovely pic, lovely lady, lovely post- and today a lovely book arrived inscribed by you- looking forward to Derek’s story very much. I pray God blesses you both with many more happy fruitful years together.with love from your upside down subscriber in NZ [downunder]

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    There is a beauty in “simply staying”. Not just in our marriages, but in all of life–to keep doing the thing, day after day, even when the wind blows, the rains threaten, and earth beneath of feet shifts with all the weight of eternity.

    Congratulations to you both… for simply staying. For choosing love. For giving your kids a Christ example of marriage.

    Keep to it.


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