How to Make Time Stand Still

The days break and run and I crane my neck as they pass. Sometimes all I feel is the afterbreeze of a moment gone by. They tell me it means I’m getting old and I always laugh and agree. I thought it was just a tease…but science is telling me different.
“Time is this rubbery thing,” says neuroscience professor David Eagleman in an interview with New Yorker journalist Burkhard Bilger. “It stretches out when you really turn your brain resources on, and when you say, ‘Oh, I got this, everything is as expected,’ it shrinks up.”
The amygdala is the part of the brain that seats emotion and memory, he goes on to say. When something exciting happens—like a threat to your life, the amygdala seems to kick into overdrive, recording every tiny detail of the experience. The more elaborate the memory, the longer the moment seems to last. “This explains why we think that time speeds up when we grow older,” Eagleman says—why childhood summers seem to go on forever, while old age slips by while we’re dozing. The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brain writes down, and the more quickly time seems to pass. (The New Yorker, Burkhard Bilger)
Life is familiar. So we do the only thing we can to slow the moments.
We run away together. 
Columbus in May
If every day is, well…everyday, then–shouldn’t we? When our spirits grow tired and our hearts drag the ground—isn’t it only natural to seek adventure? We do. My sweetheart takes my hand and we go. Because he knows what the scientists keep trying to prove.
Adam Galinsky, professor at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University says getting away from the familiar gives one the distance needed to gain a new perspectiveon everyday life. He even has evidence that immersing oneself in another culture—moving to another country—boosts creativity.
We don’t have time to travel abroad. We have just one lonely night. 
Shopping at the North Market
 It stretches long. 
Dinner at Gordon Biersch–with fresh-brewed lager.

It’s not another culture, but it’s different to us. We walk the streets of a different city; let our senses awaken to the unfamiliar.
And love is young again. Time moves slow. 
What makes time slow for you?
Take me away with you—let us hurry!
   Let the king bring me into his chambers.
(Song of Solomon 1:4)
Jeff checks out the hot sauce.
At the North Market
At the Book Loft
Some of the cheese at Katzinger’s Deli
Joining with Jen and the Soli Deo Gloria sisters:


  1. says

    One of my sisters gave us a night away about 90 minutes south; it includes a visit to a winery. It will be a mid-week restoration.

    Lovely post. The market must have been a delight.

  2. says

    What makes time slow…..definitely stops at North Market and Katzinger’s! 🙂

    For me, adventures like you have described – new sights and sounds and shops to explore, but when I can’t get away for a block of time, then a shady spot to park the car and read a book – all the better if I can tip the seat back and stick a foot out the window.

    Also, getting off on my bike for at least 20-30 minutes. The last few years, I’ve had to manufacture little getaways for myself.

  3. says

    I like this concept. Thanks for documenting the science on it. Taking time to expand an experience to make more time is very cool indeed!

  4. says

    What makes time slow for me is work without a deadline. Work that lets me putter around a bit. A job in the yard that can take 1 hour or 5 hours, whatever I decide. I chase all the rabbits, every blessed one of them.

  5. says

    Lovely photos and fascinating thoughts. You link to such interesting articles!

    Since we can’t travel together yet for health reasons, perhaps I need to brainstorm escapes to the unknown within our own town. Hmmm, another project for the list…

    Grace and peace to you in your everyday, too.

  6. says

    Loved taking a walk with you Laura… what beautiful views, and what a delightful way to make time stop for a little while… LOVED IT!

  7. says

    What a perfect way to make time slow Laura. It all looks so idyllic.
    For me, it can be as simple as a ride down country roads I’ve never traveled before. I love to look at old houses and imagine…. to see beautiful scenery and feel such peace.

    P.S. Your blog looks so lovely. Did you do it all by yourself?

  8. says

    Reading. Reading always makes time slow down for me. Reading, and taking naps. I haven’t let time slow like that for a while now.

    You know what speeds time up? Technology. And maybe that is connected to the idea of memory. Technology reduces my need to remember; speeds up time.

    Always something beautiful when I stop by here, Laura. Thank you.

  9. says

    I used to think that if my husband and I could just be alone in our house, that would be enough. But then, I find that we just slip into normal routines, even when this (rarely) happens. So, now we make more of an effort, even if it’s just once a year, to go away to another city, to relax, and soak in every moment.

  10. says

    Oooh, so lovely. And so glad you had these lovely moments in a place new to you. We’re due for that! Now I want to read your source material – loved how you wove that through your reflection. Here’s to more ways of making time stand still…

    Going on a photo safari helps me, or sitting and reading at the beach or in the yard…small pieces of slow time…

  11. says

    I must not blame my husband that our outings consist of a trip to CostCo in a neighboring town! These days I rarely can get him out of our house and yard. He complains that his health does not allow him to travel. But he does allow me the freedom to attend church and a Bible Study on my own. On my birthday, I told my friend who lives 400 miles away, that I might come visit her soon. We all need to do something different to break the same old routine. Even if it is a trip to CostCo.

  12. says

    Thank you for this helpful tip! Time slows down when we bust out of the everyday, run away. What a challenge to make every moment count, to make every day special. Visiting from SDG. Really enjoyed your photos, to.

  13. says

    What a glorious post! So good for our souls to get outside of our norm….reminds of us possibilities. Love to you today Laura!

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