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    Well, Laura – I’m a first time visitor- and am completely disarmed by your candor and dear spirit that shines through. Beautiful graphic – poetry, photos. What a gift to discover The Wellspring!

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    I saw the poem yesterday and couldn’t comment b/c Blogger was being silly. Well, okay, more than silly. But I wanted to say that I love it. It made me smile.

    And I truly, truly love how this new place gives your already-lovely voice the space to be heard.

    And that’s not me. That’s all you.

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    Don’t we all walk this line Laura? At what point does looking back impair your forward vision. And at what point do the blinders need to come off so you can look back?

    Love this new look. Love it. It’s you.

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    LOVE the new layout and look. So classy and timeless. and I love the photos in this post. Beautiful.
    Have a blessed week!

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