Oh, Great Mystery

“Do you think they have found all the Bible that there is?
We were reading our nightly scripture and he was feeling…opened up by it. His young eyes searched mine for wisdom.
“I think they have found all of the Bible that God wants us to find.”
“You mean, you think there might be more of the Bible out there?”
“I think there are other writings that tell us more about our history, Jesus, the disciples, and the early church. But if God wants us to read them, He’ll make sure we do.”
Hmmm. Everything is so mysterious.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes! I love it!”

“It doesn’t bother you that we don’t have the answers to some things?”
“No. I like knowing that some things are mysterious…and I have to use my imagination to wonder about them.”
“How so?
“Like, the other night, I was telling Teddy…What if this life is just a dream? And when we wake up, we’ll be in heaven? And heaven is what is really real.”

“Hmmm. It would have to be a pretty complicated dream.”

“God could do that. He can do it any way He wants to.”
And then he was gone, leaving me a little stunned—pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming—wondering about the last time I “loved” not having answers to my questions.
And I knew it was probably back when I was around his age.
So, for a moment, I closed my eyes and let the great mysteries of the world sweep over me—felt my stomach drop as on a roller coaster—and just let go. And it was…
I’m not driving this thing.
He is.
I’m throwing up my hands.

The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.” (Deut. 29:29)

*linking up with Jen and the Soli Deo Gloria sisters today:

*On Sunday, we had an infant baptism at church. It always fills me with such joy to watch that bundle of white receive the water with wonder. It reminded me of this long ago conversation with Jeffrey and made me long for the heart of the child. So, I’m also linking with Michelle today–thinking of my baptism too:


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    Of course you’re raising a boy who loves to use his imagination! It’s hard, sometimes, embracing the mystery. Thanks for making it sound like fun,

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    Love the roller coaster image with you throwing your hands up in the air. . . really does give an exciting picture of the mystery. And what a conversation!

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    Oh! Someone else — yes, Laura from Outnumbered Mom — wrote about throwing up their hands. Seems like confirmation from every angle. I don’t need to know or be on the world’s time-table. All is right with Him.

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    For someone who loves mysteries, I seem to always want to have all the “spiritual mysteries” tied up. I think I’d much rather be like your precious boy. Let’s embrace the mysteries!

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    may we all throw our hands up and let Him drive – i love the freedom of the child’s mind – and your wonderful words – thanks for sharing your life with us!

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    Ah, Laura – so lovely, so lovely. As I read, I remembered thinking almost the exact same thing when I was your boy’s age during this fabulous conversation. Only I thought we were living in a movie (LONG before “Truman!”) and we’d wake up in heaven. And actually, I quite like that notion. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there isn’t some merit to it. I do believe that heaven is closer than our skin, just in a different dimension, almost always unseeable. But occasionally the wonder breaks through – like during this small talk with your small boy. The Celtic saints called those moments liminal – the ‘thin’ places. So glad you put this story safely away in your memory bank and pulled it out to write about it for all of us. Sigh.

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    How beautifully written, Laura. Difficult concepts wonderfully expressed. I love discovering the expanding extent of your Gift.
    I agree with Duane and Diane. This one really touched a sacred place in me; truly revealed a “thin place”.
    One of the best parts of loving and being loved is the mystery which surrounds the relationship like a swirling mist – it’s the “mist-erie” ?

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    I have three of those boys…one recently asked if Santa Claus would be in Heaven. Another replied not if he doesn’t believe in Jesus.

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    Oh I so cannot relate to loving the questions and the mystery! I like answers, only answers! Even as I kid, I think I was pragmatic that way. I never played make-believe games — everything was based on reality. I think I was born 40.

    But this post, it fills me with delight. Even though I can’t really relate to reveling in the mystery, I love learning about God through the eyes and thoughts of a kid.

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    I get these moments, rarely, with my grandchildren. It’s always so revealing to me to hear what they wonder about aloud.

    Thanks, Laura, for writing so beautifully.

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    Late getting around here, but loving the roller coaster, stomach dropping ride!

    I love the mystery and letting GOD be GOD…love knowing that I don’t know all the answers….otherwise I think that I’d be tempted to think myself GOD.

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