1. “This is where we begin. But we won’t be staying here.” Two powerful sentences in which there is so much hope, Laura! I look forward to hearing your heart-thoughts as you read.

  2. So glad you’re doing this, Laura!

    And in answer to the age-old idea that God won’t give you more than you can handle, I stand firmly with Wendell Berry’s beloved character, Burley Coulter, who says, “He don’t do any such of a damn thing.” Amen! But he’s still good.

  3. My kids’ youth group leader was trying to encourage me to persevere through some dark days during their teen years. She talked about her own children, now grown, and told me she had to learn that she was not the one writing their stories, and there were some chapters in there she wished had never been written. But they have been written by the hand of a good God. Ann’s book is amazing. I read it slowly, savoring it. Your review makes me kinda want to go back and start over.

  4. Oh I love that you’re doing this on your blog! I have been throwing the idea of doing this book as our summer Bible study with some ladies I meet with every Monday.
    Look forward to your input as your writing ALWAYS stirs up my heart.
    Love you!

  5. This spoke to me on many levels. My dad’s days are now in a wheelchair. I’m watching his version of life change drastically.
    I also thought of a student who intentionally injured himself in my classroom when I taught. The school ended up having a counselor meet with him at school, and he asked that I be present in the meetings as well. Though he was only 16, the pain of his life had drained his eyes the way you describe here. Your story of this encounter brought tears.
    And I’m thankful to reconsider One Thousand Gifts. I read it slowly–but knew the whole time I still needed it to sink in deeper.

  6. I bought this book a while back and couldn’t make it past the first couple of pages. Today I read your post and it stirs in me to pull the book back out. I started reading and I wept and wept, and got angry and wept. Hmmmm….gotta love those God moments. It will be interesting to see what God does….I’ve discovered I have a mess of bitterness about something that seems so unfair. My logical spiritual understanding gets it…my heart is not yet there. So thankful God led you to share this.

  7. I just finished this book. I love to read, and I’m blessed with being able to read fast, but this book cannot be read fast. It simply can’t. This book truly is a gift. Thank you, God, for Ann.

  8. So thankful God gave you to that soul in that time and supplied the right words. May the Lord supply fresh hope for that weary one and encourage us all (me especially) to trust better that His story is better than ours.

    Ditto to all the other comments that this is a book worthy of slow perusal. Good for you for offering it to your blog readers that way!

  9. That book was awesome. It changed my perspective a little about how I look at things. I enjoyed reading this and the way you hooked me into the story was beguiling. I love it when God uses us as a vehicle for change, for encouragement.

  10. “Because He’s here, I say. Oh, yes. He is in this.”…

    Laura, I’m thanking The GOD Who sees, that He helped you to peer deep and share what you saw with a hungry soul.

    Ann’s gift just keeps on blessing so many…thank YOU JESUS

  11. So glad you kept speaking to the lady and she was able to embrace you and know that your love quieted her heart a bit. I look forward to your sharing Anns book and your thoughts intwined.

  12. Sometimes it’s enough just to survive, just to get through the next day.

    You know that saying about God never giving us more than we can handle – I don’t know who made that up, but I don’t think it is accurate. We are amazingly resilient people, but there are times when it is too much. I have seen it in people. You may have too.

    But we still must look for God in all things. And be present in it, too.

  13. I think God would write the story differently too. I think we forget that sometimes, and try to put all the suffering into his hands, as if He has doled it out. No, I think He would write the story differently too…

    Love you. 🙂

  14. “We want to write our own story.

    What He gives is not enough. We want more.”

    How often I have thought that same thing. But the wonderful thing is that I can come before his throne with confidence and lay my broken heart and broken words like this before Him and He shows me the way.

    “This is where we begin. But we won’t be staying here.”

    Praise Him! My story is not finished, because HE is writing it, not me.

    Thank YOU so much for sharing this!

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