This is what I want to say…

Back then I would stumble out of bed before dawn and meet God with my face pressed to the dining room floor and I would pray for us–I would pray for them. Then the day came five years ago when you finally stopped running from God and you looked at me with eyes shining and said, “I want to be a better father; I want to love them better.  ” 

You always have. Loved them well.

From the day we brought home each bundle of blue, you’ve taught me about how a father loves.

I didn’t know.

The walking of the colicky one around and around until your arms were numb, the take-downs and fly-offs on the big bed, the Nascar races on foot through sandy beach…you always know how to thrill them. But I have watched these five years and I have seen. I have seen you love them better.

It was that redhead, in Sunday school, who said it. His teacher told me. He was ten. “We know,” he said. “We know that God answers prayers. Because we prayed for my dad.”

When we married, I knew I was marrying a good man. When we became a family, I knew you would be a good father.

But faith has made you better. 

It’s His Great Love that keeps shaping, keeps growing us both. And I still pray for us–for them. 

I love you, sweetheart, Happy Father’s Day. You look more like your Daddy each day.  


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    Tender and perfect, full of love. What sweet snapshots of joy in the pictures. . . yet to think God keeps growing us. Continued blessings of growth and love to your beautiful family.

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    This gives me such hope. My husband knows his Father, but we pray every day for other dear hearts to be opened to Him.

    Thank you!

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