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    Laura, my heart is quietly full and excited because of you. Seems like you are in such a good place—receiving direction, listening, opening to God, yourself a container of light, yourself a refreshment to others, a cup.

    I’m feeling a deeper and growing peace this summer. I don’t feel the frenetic, almost mad, person I was even a few years ago. God is calming me, giving me guidance, blessing me with friends (thanks), increasing my focus. I still get episodes of loneliness (or whatever it is), but not to the debilitating depths they used to be.

    I’m running every day but also challenged myself to lose 5 lbs. in 2 weeks. I went overboard and lost 3 lbs in less than a week, still running the same amount but eating much less. Then yesterday I crashed, feeling so depleted. I guess that was a bad idea. :}

    Today: resting and writing while my guys go on a father-son bike ride. We have great bike trails around here. I think I’ll make a batch of ice cream, too.

    Come to Colorado? 🙂


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