Stay In God’s Love

While you are here, we hope you will stay in God’s love.”
She gestures to the print on the easel leaning into our quiet space. It is a silhouette—stilled, basking in the purple hues of a sunset? A sunrise?
Open to God” it says, in the bottom left corner. And that’s what I am these two days of silent retreat…open. I think about her words later as I thumb through my scripture assignment.
Stay in God’s love.
I ponder the words and I know. Haven’t I tried to? Leave? Aren’t there times when I forget how loved I am—when I forget that I am cherished daughter?
Some days it takes a crowbar to open me to the love of my man, the love of my boys, of good friends, brothers and sisters—those who wear skin like me and breathe this same air. Those I can see and touch.
What will it take to keep me open to God’s love?
Scripture tells me that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 8:37)
And yet, I let this truth slip through my fingers every day as I grasp onto lesser things.
The rhythm of the retreat is this: prayer, contemplate scripture, rest, worship, eat, prayer, contemplate, rest, worship, eat…In my everyday life, the rhythm is much different. The silence has made me aware of this vast difference. Our church fathers and mothers prayed the divine hours—set times throughout the day and night to pull away from the busy-ness of the world and draw into prayer. While I cannot live out life retreating from the stuff of it, I can have retreat moments throughout my day—create a new rhythm that reminds me to stay in God’s love.
I have some ideas, but I would like to hear from you. How do you create a sacred rhythm to your day? 
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    Oh, a retreat of silence sounds wonderful. How do I incorporate sacred ryhthms? Well, by having a rhythm to begin with, I think. I have morning time for quiet meditation and reading (but not enough time, I’ll amdit). Then the commute. Then work, with usually some kind of break at lunch to exercise, writing, get out for a walk, something like that. Then back to work, home, dinner. Simple, satisfying, structured, and I hope to keep the divine connected to all of it.

    And every once in a while, a retreat.

    I will be thinking about this theme today, of staying in God’s love.

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    Sensing a need to develop a rhythm (but not become enslaved by it). You’re right–it’s hard to maintain a sense of rhythm amidst the stuff of life. Maybe I’ll just keep reading what you write and learn from you.

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    Sometimes I think that we are too hard on ourselves. While we need to press in and be open to His molding I think we forget….OR maybe have never fully grasped His love for us….JUST AS WE ARE. For He sees our hearts. Praying you know His embrace today….in the midst of whatever. You are loved!

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    it is reading your post today. I just read yesterday about going away for the minimum of three days to fast pray and reading scripture. All with no technology..computers, phones and such.
    Rhythm..this calls to my heart deep. I’m thinking He is telling me to go away..your right we can’t do it everyday like at a retreat but maybe..He wants to say something to me and there needs to be quiet…anyway – I’m glad I read this

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    Ok, I must read about this silent retreat. Oh, I would love a silent retreat. Just to stop all the noise, and force myself to LISTEN!

    To maintain a rhythm, I have a little secret hiding place on my deck, you know a place you can’t see from the window. I just sit, even if it is only for a few minutes to stop my world from spinning madly.

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    I’ve never been on a silent retreat, but I’d like to try it sometime.

    Something I do now is go and lock myself in my room for a few minutes to have some quiet time– but it’s not planned– it’s when I feel the need for it! I haven’t fallen into a daily rhythm of it. I’ll need to ponder this some more, and I look forward to gleaning some wisdom here! 🙂

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    Oh how I needed this word tonight, Laura I struggle to incorporate sacred rhythms. I read the word, meditate on it, but the rhythm is hard. I’ve tried to set alarms and pray the hours and read the lectionary, but the rhythm of my life and the rhythm of my heart often both feel too stirred up to dwell on the sacred. Retreats are good, the kind that allow me to rest, live quietly.

    I love what Bradley says above, keeping the divine connected to it all. That’s my goal really, whatever the rhythm.

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    I would love to offer a response, but I am such a work in progress…

    The majority of the time, I’m reminded of God’s love through laughter. Which, of course, isn’t silent at all. (I need work.) But if I can laugh at any given thing through the day…I’m reminded of Him.

    Laughter is a sacred rhythm to me these days. These last years in my life, really.

    I always love your thoughts, friend. You give me much to ponder.

    Much love,

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    Dear Laura,

    I am praying for this time that is now or passed, but the living continual.

    I don’t do well with rhythm, but wonder if you’ve read Ruth Haley Barton’s ‘Sacred Rhythm’s’ or the one we chose to read this summer Nouwen’s ‘the Way of the Heart’?

    We were given 2+ hours for a morning with the Lord today and I loved the guide that we were given. I need so much direction here and in transition well…the rhythm of survival is practicing His presence…

    and I take that daily walk and lay it all out before Him…but, I have so far to go…but hopefully it’s been sealed to us the need for Sabbath and rhythm as we walk this life.

    much love:)

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    learning and embracing this was pivotal.

    food , meals, tending the garden with my husband,
    running, reading certain blogs,

    a natural day. and when it all feels like it’s coming apart, this is when I can trust that I will come out the other side of the dark , blessed and at peace. I believe and trust this. finally.

    everything is praise and prayer. it doesn’t look like it , but it is.


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