Food on Fridays: Zucchini

Have I mentioned how much fun I am having with my little garden? Who knew when we read through The Spirit of Food with the High Calling community what a wonderful fingerprint it would leave on my summer? I have a basket of Roma tomatoes waiting to be made into marinara, the peppers are just now coming in, the deer ate my beans but they came back and it looks like it will be a good crop, and when we returned from vacation, this was waiting for me on my kitchen counter:
My mother-in-law did some canning with my maters while I was away. That’s not all I returned to. There were three gigantic zucchini on the vine. About this size, each.
I’ve had a time with the zucchini, you all. I thought I was buying cucumbers when I bought the zucchini, so there was an initial disappointment. I wanted pickles. You know what? Zucchini make great pickles. My friends at work like them better than cucumber pickles! They stay a wee bit crisper, in my humble opinion. I made several jars of refrigerator pickles. No canning necessary. My neighbor gave me her recipe. This is another wonderful thing about gardening—the sharing. I threw in some onion for good measure.

Roberta’s Refrigerator Dill Pickles
Makes 4 quarts
1 ½ quart water
½ quart vinegar
¼ cup canning salt
Put 1 head dill, six peppercorns and six or more cloves of garlic in each jar.
Bring water, vinegar, and salt to a boil (30 seconds). Cool. Pour over pickles in jars. Refrigerate immediately.
I’ve made zucchini casserole and given zucchini away. They boys have been subjects of the great zucchini chocolate chip muffin experiment. It was a hit! I made zucchini oven chips (loved them!) and froze shredded zucchini to make zucchini bread with this winter. But my favorite is this one: Zucchini fritters.

They are like little savory zucchini pancakes—so much fun to make. Even more fun to eat– topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes from my garden, and a leaf or two of my basil.

It’s zucchinilicious!
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    Zucchini bread is also wonderful. And include it with eggplant (grilled is lovely) baked in a tomato sauce with layers of mushrooms and strips of prosciutto and hunks of parmesan or gruyere. (It’s even better the next day.)

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    Girl, please! You have got my mouth watering over here!

    The one and only the miss about our old home is our garden. It was glorious! Almost as beautiful as yours.

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    Zucchini is one of those wonder foods that grows SO PROLIFICALLY. All your ideas sound great, I will have to click and see if some of those recipes are different from mine and give them a try.
    I have tried refrigerator pickles and they keep coming out too salty….so I will have to try your zucchini pickle idea. Although I don’t know what 1 head of Dill looks like. I don’t grow dill and the way I buy it fresh in the store it is in a packet….
    So glad your green beans have survived the deer. There is NOTHING better out of the garden than green beans. ENJOY!

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    Oh man… this looks so good Laura!Especially the tomato with fresh mozarella. Oh. My. Goodness! Thank you for the recipe. I’m going to try it with the cucumbers my neighbor brought me.

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    Your mother-in-law was so sweet to can maters for you! The fritters look like anothe great way to fix zucchini. We enjoy sliced thin and steamed, breaded and fried, baked, nut bread – – but love a new recipe. Fritters it is!

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    I’ve always wanted to grow a garden! I hope to be making these same things when we get a house…and after the garden grows! Your zucchini bread looks great!

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