Playdates with God: Perspective

My computer was trying to crash—was churning, churning, churning like slow moving butter—and what should have taken only a couple minutes had consumed my entire day. And my husband’s. Trying to figure out what was wrong. Feeling frustration grow. I was sitting on the couch beside him as he pounded buttons and sighed deep. That’s when he said it.
You can ruin a computer faster than anyone I know.”
It hurt my feelings. And it made me mad. And I thought he should apologize to me. But here he had spent his whole day trying to help me and I knew there was one thing I needed to appreciate that. Perspective.
I went outside.
I took Lucy Mae and we plunged into the fast-approaching dark. The sun was already down but light lingered and all the harsh edges of life were softened by dusk. I looked up at the smiling moon and felt my spirit quiet. Just from looking up. But thoughts come fast and furious and I wrangled with them. I recited my memory verses to harness the bad ones and lead them away. When I came to the part about my life being hidden with Christ in God, I cried and thanked Him. Hide me, I said. Wrap around me so tight that there is only you. No me. And I cried a little more.
The air was cooler down by the creek and I leaned over the bridge and caught the last glimpses of daylight winking on the water. So this is where the remnant is, I thought, as I watched the last fireflies of summer blink in the trees bending down to dip a finger in the stream.
Up the street we found a black snake spread out across our path. I couldn’t tell if it was alive, so I threw bits of mulch and some small stones at it. It never moved. Lucy wasn’t interested. We decided to go but just then a group of teenagers came walking our way. I warned them about the snake and the girls made girlie noises and they took pictures of it with their phones and shined a light on it. The snake, having enough, crawled away. I was surprised to see it move.
We left the teens and their laughter and I remembered my first real kiss—the first kiss I liked, not the one Mike Johnson gave me on the bus in eighth grade. That one made me want to spit. I remembered the feeling of being young and walking at dusk and how the air seemed to tingle expectation.
Further up, we found a toad. Lucy Mae pressed her flat snout up against that warty thing and inhaled deep. Poor guy just sat there. It made me laugh. At the top of the hill we were accosted by a little girl, sitting alone on her porch.
What’s your dog’s name,” she asked, running over to me.
I told her and she chattered away. She had on a layered ruffled skirt and a shirt that said “princess”. She kept fluffing up the skirt when she talked to me. She brought me her puppy—a brand new teacup Chihuahua. It fit in one of my hands. I held its softness and pressed my nose to its puppy scent.
Her grandfather was weed eating in the back, because of the snakes, she said. And he told me to stay right here, she said. Don’t go anywhere.
I asked her her name and she told me. She told she just moved there, that soon she would go to school at church, and that she lived with her mommy and her mammaw and papaw. We stayed and talked—sitting in the grass on the edge of her yard—until her grandfather called her to come in.
The light had all but disappeared and the stars were opening their eyes. And I knew it was time to head back to the house. Because I had found what I was looking for. Perspective.

How about you? How do you embrace the God-joy? Every Monday I’ll be sharing one of my Playdates with God. I would love to hear about yours. It can be anything: outside, quiet time. Maybe it’s solitary. Maybe it’s loud and crowded. Just find Him. Be with Him. And come tell us about it.

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    It’s so amazing that even in our frustration sometimes, God has such a way of speaking to our hearts through others! Thank you for sharing! I love this post!

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    perspective. In some ways, perspective is everything. Beautifully told. And hey, let’s not open a computer business together, okay? Those stinkers are so vital and so infuriating and function so out of my brain waves. A walk or face-to-face conversation, now that would be good.

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    You’ve captured this so well….the way the frustration or resentment build up when we keep our eyes too close to our own hearts.

    Lifting our eyes, looking out–those are good ways to regain perspective.

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    You write so beautifully. I always look forward to reading your posts. Sometimes removing ourselves from the “scene of the crime” is the best way to find perspective. That and our dates with God as we do.

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    Thank you for reminding me to quote scripture in those moments. Love that the little girl had a God ordained moment with you. Talk about a play date!

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    Amazing how we choose not to explode in our anger or bury it deep, but choose instead to offer it to God, He blesses our hearts so.

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    I’ve been through so many times like that, getting my feelings hurt and needing some time away to get perspective. I’m so thankful the Lord is so patient to work with us (and that our husbands are patient too!).

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    I got some good perspective last Friday when I had lunch with two friends who have grown kids. They remember the hard times I’m going through now, and yet, they lived through it. It helped immensely.

    But that walk of yours sounds pretty great, too.

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    Isn’t it interesting that you ended your ‘walk’ with a child’s conversation? Kind of like when we go to the Lord, in our twirly skirts and rules for us to follow, God is so wonderful to give you such a mixture of little pieces of life to think about and enjoy.
    I am glad you were able to enjoy the fresh air and just step away for awhile.

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    This is just what I need today Laura, a bit of perspective. How easy it is to get caught up in the things that wear us down and somehow lose sight of the glory all around us.
    You have encouraged me and brightened my outlook!

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    Laura, can I just “love” all your writing? Is there a button for that? Your words and the way you weave them draw me and I always want to read more. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift with all who read, for your words refresh and nourish, drawing weary hearts to God. Blessings!

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    awww…I love it! Of course…you know my computer hasn’t crashed but life has been all wobbly and the internet connection much less reliable and I am embracing the perspective of my un~importance in the cyber-world, business world, professional world and yet, there it is smiling and crumby-faced in mommy world and Daughter of the King world. {p.s. I love all the link ups and you and miss you:}

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    My computer does crazy things at times too. My hubby helped me download a free virus protection and it also has clean service that runs every so often. God bless your hubby for trying to help your ailing computer. He loves you and cares enough to at least try. Your walk with Lucy helped you and her too. It is good to step back from a problem for awhile and return after a time of refreshing.

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    Oh, I know the frustration! I can get so upset and just like you, I need to remove myself from the situation.

    I loved that you spent time getting a new perspective and I love the little people you encountered along the way.

    You make me want to be a better person, Laura.

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    A bit late but I got it up today. I so love coming and visiting everyone. I will be back to read later. As I have to work this morning. I love coming here.

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    Wish I had been on that walk with you, savoring the remnant of that summer day. Have been offline for far too long and need to catch up on reading your lovely words. Thanks for your encouraging ones and prayer over the past few weeks.

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    Three things:

    1 — I always, always appreciate your perspective. I needed that tonight.

    2 — I admire you for not screaming at sight of snake.

    3 — It is really great to see so many people participating in these Playdates with God. Your playful spirit is so contagious!

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