It Means Everything: Poem

the sun came up like
lace—like my soul—
thousands of tiny
lights poking through
this dark plane.
the birds all clasping
to the wires like so
many clothespins and
I think I’d like to hang—
flow in the breeze and
shed the dust of my
skin. but you…when
the world darkles, you
hold me together.
some days like glue,
some like staples and
some, calico patches
that cover these gaping
pieces. God is so good,
I say to you, and one day
all these troubles will
pass us by. and when you
hold my hand, they do.
sweep up and over me
and the whole world is
refulgent once again.
Happy birthday to my sweetie, this one’s for you. Sharing in community with Emily today.  


  1. says

    You got me to look up two words: “darkle” and “refulgent.” I honestly thought you made up “darkle.” But they’re both perfect, and the birds like clothespins … oh, I’ve seen that!

  2. says

    oh laura… your words, like lace… and there’s nothing imperfect about them. i just wanted to read and re-read because your writing, it soothes me. i hope you do a book someday. thank you so much for linking, friend.

  3. says

    This is amazing. My wonderful husband usually gets elegant prose like: “Thanks for loving me and doing dishes.”

    And I officially covet your vocabulary.

    Happy Sweetie’s Birthday to you both! Blessings!

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    Calico patches look great next to the photo of that hat. All of it does, actually. There’s something strong about your gentle words. This poem would have to be the perfect birthday gift to your man.

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    Beautiful, Laura! You painted with words what it feels like to be loved by a strong and caring man….The masculine, how exquisite when it honors the feminine. The way God made it to be…….Blessings, Cate Tuten

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    Beautiful and fine words to tribute someone so loved by you.
    “Imperfect Prose” may be the subject, but beautifully perfect in my imperfect mind. Thanks, ~ linda

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